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Resident Evil Village photos compare Lady Dimitrescu and Ethan’s height.

Ethan Winters looks smaller than expected next to the towering Lady Dimitrescu in this new out-of-bounds photo for Resident Evil Village.

outside some new boundaries Resident Evil Village The photo shows how impressive Lady Dimitrescu̵

7;s height is compared to Ethan Winters’ height. Resident Evil Village It’s been a huge success for Capcom since its launch it’s become one of the most successful games ever. Resident Evil games to date It sold an incredible three million copies in just four days after its release.

many Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu’s success was almost impossible after its launch. Especially shortly after its launch, Capcom initially decided to put the charming mistress of the village’s castle at the forefront of the ad campaign. It was not prepared for the attention she would receive. This world is crazy for Resident Evil Village“The Tall Vampire Lady” resulted in thirsty tweets and bizarre fantasies. (politely speaking) Even Maggie Robertson, the actress who brought Lady Dimitrescu to life. was surprised by her character’s sudden internet obsession.

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a lot of media around Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu’s Lady Dimitrescu was and remains focused on her height. At 9ft 6in, Lady Dee easily stands head and shoulders above most of the characters in the Resident Evilthe universe of human beings or anything else. But it was still quite shocking to see her next to someone else. Resident Evil This is the case with a new photo from Twitter user BoundaryBreak BoundaryBreak. is a channel that brings fans Going beyond the limits of video game titles in the latest series Resident Evil Village The creators of the game were able to move the game’s camera from the traditional first-person view to the third-person perspective. As a result, Ethan Winters’ figure flees Lady Dimitrescu throughout the castle. her majesty And he seems to be extremely small in comparison.

Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu of the university was not the only one who received a change in perspective comparison from BoundaryBreak Using the same third-person view BoundaryBreak It also shows how The Duke compares to Ethan, and the outcome of this view may be more surprising than Lady Dimitrescu’s, even though the Duke is noticeably stronger. But his true height was never assumed to be anything other than normal. However, it turns out that even villageThe seller is taller than the average salesperson when shown next to Ethan Winters.

What’s even harder to miss in these sets of Resident Evil Village However, the photos are true to Ethan’s character model. Winters doesn’t really have a front, Capcom has always been careful to hide Ethan’s face in order to keep players immersed in the game. But apparently this extends to the point where developers never make full-body models for improbable heroes.

see Resident Evil Village This different angle reveals how intimidating Ethan must have been at Lady Dimitrescu’s massive presence. Perhaps it was fortunate for Ethan that her role in the game ended so quickly. and his subsequent enemies were slightly easier to see eye to eye. Imagine how baby Rose must feel.

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Resident Evil Village Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Every Red Dead Redemption RDR2 series should have one.

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