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Residents were evacuated in Sibiley, Iowa, after a train derailment on Sunday.

SIBLEY, IA (KELO) – Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in northwestern Iowa told us the train derailed Sunday in Sibley, between Rock Rapids and Okoboji. evacuate The Iowa State Trooper told our team at the scene they were concerned that anything caused by the derailment would be toxic to inhalation.

Residents of Sibley, Iowa, were shocked when a train derailed in their small town.

“This is the first time, as I said, I experienced this,” said immigrant Phyllis Jenkins.


7;s quite quiet here, things like this don’t always happen,” said immigrant Glenda Deboer.

“Coming from a small town, you know, it never happened, so we just walked over to see where it was and we thought it might be an elevator that caught fire and it turned out to be a derailment. It’s just the craziest thing that has ever happened, ”said immigrant Emily Grange.

Viewing the scene was something many villagers thought they would do before they were ordered to evacuate.

“I looked and saw a huge, thick black smoke, and I thought it might be something from the city,” Jenkins said.

“My husband was outside and he heard, I mean, he heard a lot of noise and he went to town,” Deboer said. But he knew that something had happened. “

But when they were told that they needed to leave, they grabbed the necessary items.

“I’m prepared,” Jenkins said. “I put everything like medicine and stuff in my purse.”

“I decided that we would choose to come out here to vacation at Jackrabbit and now we are heading to Spirit Lake because I don’t think we can go into town,” said immigrant Chris Runge.

Now they wait for everyone to come home.

“Thank you to the firemen for helping us all,” said immigrant Ashley Nibbelink.

“Yes, thanks to the fire fighters and especially to the soldiers who kept everyone out of town,” said refugee Tori Runge.

Emily Holley, Nebraska and Iowa communications manager for the American Red Cross, tells us there are no reports of derailment injuries. A welcome center opened at Ashton Legion Hall, down a street from Sibley, Iowa State Trooper said they simply let the fire burn overnight. We’ll continue to let you know about this situation as we learn more.

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