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Results AEW Double or Nothing: The DMD era has begun.

It’s been over a year since Hikaru Shida won the AEW Women’s Championship at double or nothing 2020.

Much has changed since then. Fans returned to this year’s event on May 30 in Jacksonville. Shida just won an upgraded title belt, and Dr. Britt Baker DMD has gained a lot of momentum.

After toppling some champions An arrogant dentist from Pittsburgh took control of the tournament early on, but Shida had more than enough fighting spirit to come back to hurt herself. That includes a crossbody bag that pulls out both Baker and her henchman Rebel (not Reba).

The stomping made Shida ready to undergo the doctor̵

7;s jaw surgery, or as Britt thought, in fact, the time it took for Baker to get her gloves. And in general, showboats give Japanese wrestlers time to recover. And the champ returned with a terrible chaos.

Baker survived at one point, forcing the rope to be broken. The airstrikes seem to get Shida ready for Lockjaw, but the champions fight freely. chaotic events from there and their attempts to thwart the rebels went wrong.

Subsequent interventions were correct. Due to her distraction, Baker stomped Shida onto her own belt. But the champion got fired! Hikaru returned and nailed her arsenal with knee nails. But she couldn’t get it three times. In the end, multiple transitions ended with Shida in a locked jaw. And she had no choice but to touch.

The DMD era has begun.

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