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Returnal is not the only must-have PS5, as you might think.


One of the beautiful mysteries in Returnal.


Playstation 5 The owners had quite a few games that really pushed the hardware, Returnal looks like. that Big games in the post-launch window for Sony’s new consoles, but if you don’t pay attention to the preview, you might have high expectations that it won’t be.

Developed by Housemarque Roguelites, Returnal is a game that changes their level layout as you die, bringing you back to the starting point, possibly with more powerful gear than the award-winning Think Dead Cells or Hades.

In Returnal you will die a veryThe player controls Selene, an astronaut who crashed into Earth, Atropos, when she awakens from the crash and leaves Helios. She realized that something strange happened after her death and woke up again in the same place to do this over and over.

If this sounds boring already, it can be said that Returnal is not the game for you. Roguelites can be frustrating because death is at the heart of the gameplay. And when you wake up, you start with the first square. Most Roguelites’ gameplay loops provoke death. The idea is that players gradually level up or acquire new equipment that makes the opening of the game easier. Each run will give you a small reward, either telling a story about a permanent boost or the remaining currency to buy better items.



Slowly but surely the earlier parts will be easier and you will learn how to develop deeper in the game. But this doesn’t have to be the case with Returnal, which will certainly disappoint players. The most obvious problem with Returnal is its lack of rewards.

Every time you start, Selene has her pistol, a suit that is faithful to her health, and the same stats. You progress through the first biome with the goal of empowering yourself to fight against its boss. When you defeat a boss, you will receive a permanent upgrade that will stay with you after each death and will have to enter the next biome where you have to go through the same steps again. Doing so over and over will familiarize you with the available enemy areas, weapons and power-ups.

This is where strategy comes into play. Do you want to grab each of the possible items and upgrades available in the open bio? This makes Selene more difficult, but it can be time consuming and risky if you don’t get the UPS you want. You can run to the next biome even if you are stuck on weaker weapons and not as much health.

It’s planning and preparation combined with level and enemy expertise designed to alleviate the frustration you encounter early in the game. At least that’s what it should feel, but it isn’t.



Too many times I died, it felt like a waste. I might as well pull off some dazzling moves. But that doesn’t mean anything unless you’re defeating new bosses or searching for permanent upgrades. In addition to the creepy moments and the discovery of a new item or weapon, most runs will wake you up again as Celine and the frustrations that you have to start all over again.

When I reached the third bosby, I played for a longer period of time with nothing to show. No permanent upgrades, no unlocked items or weapons. With the rewards in short supply, starting over over and over can be frustrating.

Returnal looks stunning with 4K images and fluid frame rates. Extraterrestrial enemies that shoot dazzling missiles that shine through the area are exciting in the first place to fight. But there is a point where you have to die and realize that you don’t just have to start all over again. But the last run doesn’t mean anything.

Some players shared their disappointment with the game on the Returnal subreddit.One specific issue was the lack of autosave, which many felt on Sunday night, when the game update kicked off the start of the game, it lost its functionality, Housemarque tweeted. On Friday that he was listening to the community about the feature. But there is nothing to announce yet.

Returnal misinterprets the incremental progression that is a big part of roguelite’s success.These games are supposed to have a level of difficulty and feel difficult early in order to challenge players, but Roguelites should have a glimmer of hope: next time. Going will be easier Next time, I’ll get stronger.Often, Returnal rejects hopeful players, and that makes it hard to go on when it feels like a total loss. This game is all about being stuck in a loop. But it shouldn’t feel like me. real Stuck in time

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