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Returnal’s incompetence record is ruining a player’s run.

Builder saving feature is back.

If the record property must be square with legend ReturnThe “new builder” unit can do the trick.
Screen shot: A. Housemarque / Kotaku

I made a mistake yesterday, I quit playing. ReturnWhich is the toughest action game released last week for PS5, especially mid-game, tends to work hard. You know I love to shop at the grocery store and drink rosé on my roof. When I returned to the PlayStation 5 this morning, a pop-up notification informed me that Return There was an update, I knew right away … that I was running? Lost, deleted and trashed in history forever.

This part is my fault. (I have played a lot of games and I should know better now) but it is the result too. Return It was designed. ReturnA roguelike that kicks you back to the start with every death, there is no official way to save a life during your run, developer Housemarque recommends putting your PS5 into “rest mode” as a solution. The patchwork creates many other problems at the expense of seemingly easy solutions to lift from. KotakuGame review: A.

Working in Returnal can take hours, especially if you’re battling every room in every biome for as many resources as possible. You cannot save your games and switch to something else, which makes less of a supported design decision from the older generation.If your PS5 is turned off for any reason, you’re screwed because there may be some progress. Carefully received for hours.

If you change the game you will lose your run and if Return Update automatically overnight, you will also lose your run. The obvious workaround is to turn off the PS5’s automatic updates.Fairly.That said, automatic updates are a hugely useful feature across the board and you shouldn’t disable them for all of your games just for. Support for one of your games

The lack of a recording option is a cool wake up call for some. Return Players who use the internet a lot to file a legitimate complaint. Popular Reddit thread This detailed breakdown of the matter received hundreds of responses, mostly from users who shared their experience of how they were corrupted due to the lack of today’s game’s save option. some User It addressed the same issue I had with the game being updated overnight, removing the progress. Basically, you can’t view a game-specific subreddit without seeing a post about the game’s need for save features.

A complicated matter is the fact that ReturnAs with any game released in the age of patches, day-to-day and post-release updates don’t work flawlessly. many of The players have report example of Fail With one great run Reddit post The headline says “When you’re in a 4-hour God-Roll game with 200% integrity and inventory full of artifacts, then the game crashes” it pains me to read (Duuude 200 percent integrity ?! Oof.)

Return recording feature

I had no idea walking into this ominous premonition would spell the end of my run.
Screen shot: A. Housemarque / Kotaku

between ReturnDuring my pre-release I only experienced one glitch where I mentioned the early state of the game. In the first region you’ll find a mid-century farmhouse, where the game avoids third-person shooting for picking up objects and dropping them into first person view. At the end of the game section it took me out of the house and into the overgrown jungle, still in first person view. I can’t move I can’t open the menu ReturnThere seemed to be a soft lock, so I had to restart it, so it eliminated all my progress on that run – not a big deal at the time because I wasn’t doing very well. A colleague who played the game encountered the same error. Kotaku AustraliaAlex Walker, too, is an incident he stated. His great reviews of the game.

Last week when Kotaku Ask why Return Lacking a recording option and if it plans to implement it in the future, a Housemarque representative responded that the studio was focused on the release. Return And “there are no further announcements yet at this time” on Friday morning Housemarque. Tweet A link to the Reddit thread about the lack of additional save options that it has “[nothing] To announce now But keep playing and enjoy the challenge as you can! ”Sony ReturnThe publisher did not respond to a follow-up request for comment from Kotaku.

All of these truly horrible aspects are just how easy it is to imagine a version of the file. Return With a certain level of recording function Each region starts with a “safe” room – a room without enemies where you can breathe. (And maybe get a free item or two) The autosave function in those rooms would be very logical.

In addition, there are machines in every biome called units. “Rebuild” which allows you to create a new respawn point in exchange for 6 ether, the only rare resource that is not cleared during the run, which may pull double duty as a log point. , Return It will retain the courageous courage that you are forced to make big decisions on almost every lap: Is the running worth the savings? Or are you saving your Ether for future efforts? Bonus: Using the new generator as a save point saves the game’s legendary functionality, just spitballing here!

Of course I lost that run was not the end of the world. Of course, I had some cool things going on – carrying a high-damage pistol with killer Trackerswarm capabilities and quickly found a bunch of health upgrades. But yesterday New York had blue skies and the temperature range was The sweet spot at 68o to 73o F we get, and this is a generous estimate of four or maybe five days a year. For the rest of the year, New York is either a marshy meadow or a frozen wasteland. It will be a long time until we can go on another day like yesterday. I met a puppy too, so I didn’t regret stepping on it. It’s still good to keep running. I have a good feeling about it.

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