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Returning players will debate whether the game requires a save feature.

Return It’s a tough roguelike that requires a lot of patience. Each death in the game brings the player back to the beginning of the story. All their progress and items will be dropped and the player will have to start a new mission from square one. Although some persistent programs will be saved during playback to aid in future runs, a few others will be saved. In fact, Return There are no traditional checkpoints or recording options.

This lack of a traditional save feature has made some players wonder if the game can take a way to save mid-run and resume later. From some of our experience Return The sprint can take hours and a single erroneous step erases all your progress.

For busy players or those sharing their PlayStation 5 with the rest of the family, they may not have the option to play for hours. Players can pause their PlayStation 5 if they are in play. But that̵

7;s not a sure-fire way to stop progressing later. (Game developers advise players to put PS5 in rest mode to maintain their progress)

However, other players insisted that the traditional recording system would be against. ReturnThe design of the game and some of its players is debating. (Or fight it) in the voting war, vote on the game’s subreddit.

Housemarque, developer of ReturnIt stated that it was listening to fan requests, although there was no word that a recording feature would be added at some point. But the studio appears to be aware of some players’ frustrations.

For players familiar with roguelike – popular genres with hits like Hades, Dead cells, Scaryand Isaac’s Bond – The lack of recording features is not uncommon. In fact, at the beginning of ReturnA pop-up message appears to clearly describe the circuit of the game.

Text descriptions of circuits in Returnal

The game loops were explained clearly from the start.
Image: Housemarque / Sony Interactive Entertainment Through polygons

While the player’s death repeatedly is encountered in Return It’s an opportunity to become more skilled in the game.The lack of being able to save progress can hinder the experience for some. There’s a lot to learn about games during their opening hours – most of them won’t even tell you.

The closest property that is similar to the recording point in Return Is a terminal called Reconstructor Players can use a rare resource called Ether to access this terminal. Upon death, players will be reborn at Reconstructor Instead of starting the game However, Ether is a rare resource and it is not always guaranteed that players will run across this terminal in their pass play.

Until Housemarque adds a recording feature, you may want to look at the polygon. Return Hints for survival tips.

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