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Review Week–June 6, 2021


The Week in Review is a compilation of all the positives I’ve written over the past week on the Internet. including a small link that I find interesting which is generally related to endurance sports I’m always wondering what to do with all the cool stuff people write. And while I share a lot of this on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum for sending it to everyone. Most of the time, these different currents do not overlap. So look for good things. These are so good!


7;s get started!

Tech Sports Offers:

There are a number of strong sports tech deals out there right now. Most of them are related to the upcoming Father’s Day.

goods on sale Amazon other sites sales record
Apple AirPods Pro – $50 discount!
Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case – $50 discount! $149 ⚡ I mainly use AirPods when traveling to listen to audio in airports, planes, etc… I rarely use these AirPods for exercise because the headphones fall off. Personally, I’m just using the base model.
Apple Airpods (2nd Generation) – $30 discount
$119 I mainly use my AirPods when traveling to listen to them in airports, planes, etc… I rarely use these headphones for my workouts because they dropped. Note: Prices fluctuate daily between $119-$129.
Apple Watch Series 6 – (40mm) – $50 off
$399/$499 (Mobile)
$349 Good Apple Watch Series 6 Deals, But Mostly Typical
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – $100 off
$499 Geek trivia: This is the first time we’ve seen the Edge 1030 Plus drop in price (seriously), it’s only a year old and it’s getting a new feature firmware update… Take it and use it!
Garmin Fenix ​​​​6 Series – $100 All Models
$100 discount ⚡ This deal is back! The $100 to $150 Fenix ​​range deal difference appears each May/June before Father’s Day. and not different This includes the newly launched Fenix ​​6/6S solar unit this past summer.
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music – $50 discount $299 The entire Forerunner 245 Music is on sale for $50, although it’s not a big sale, it’s actually the lowest price we’ve seen to date. FR245 Music supports Spotify, Amazon Music, and other streaming platforms.
Garmin Forerunner 45/45S – $50 discount
$149 If you are looking for a watch for runners This is a pretty good deal, about 25% off. The FR45 basically packs all the features of the previous FR235…now in the FR45 series.
Garmin Forerunner 945 – $50-$80 discount
$519 It’s not a bad thing Prices appear to fluctuate between $50 (Garmin’s current official sale price) and a $75-80 discount (unofficial sale price).
Garmin Instinct – $100 off
~$199 Of course, the new Solar model came out last summer with some new features. $199 is still a good price for this watch (as low as $149 last October).
Garmin Instinct Solar – $75 discount
$325 ⚡ This is a solid deal in the Solar Instinct family, although not the first or the best today. Last November and December, the $100 discounted unit is still as good as you’re likely to get until the next Black Friday.
Garmin Instinct Tactical- $100 discount $197 This is the lowest watch received ($100 discount and down to $197). Note that this is a version without solar system. So please keep in mind that
Garmin Varia Radar (RTL515) – $30 discount $169 It seems to go on sale about once a year. and this is the moment if you want to buy I wouldn’t expect any offers. More until the Black Friday time frame.
GoPro Hero 9 Black – $50 discount $399 ⚡ This is the camera I use for everyday photography during sports. In fact, I’ve bought a couple of them. Note that if you’re a GoPro Plus subscriber, it’s slightly cheaper at $349 straight from GoPro, but otherwise $449.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – 23% off $329 Not as good as it gets (it dropped to $238 at the beginning of May), but hey, the deal is the deal.
inReach Mini Satellite Communicator – $50 discount $299 This is the third year in a row that the inReach Mini has been released before Father’s Day. The only time it went on sale was during Black Friday, a solid deal on a small unit that’s great if you’re traveling beyond cellular coverage. Plus, integration with Garmin watches has recently been improved, too.

DCRAINMAKER.COM Posted in the past week:

Here are all the good things that ended up on the main page this past week. Even though it was a heavy Garmin week as usual, I really couldn’t control it. that companies When will they decide to announce their products? Last week was a heavy Wahoo week. Tits for TAT.

Wednesday: Garmin Forerunner 55 In-Depth Review
Wednesday: Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE In-depth Review
Friday: Explainer: Garmin’s new wearable LTE strategy

YouTube videos of this past week:

This is what’s trending on You of Tube. Be sure to subscribe to get notified about videos the second they’re viewed!

What I found interesting around the Interwebs:

Here are a few tidbits about all the coincidences I ran into while serving as citizens to find the end of the Internet. There’s also something this week that actually happened a week or two ago – I just followed this show:

1) Major Strava updates this week: Or rather, what Strava calls the “biggest update for 2021.” To be honest, I think it’s a bit overpriced. I love the new segment cards and all – it’s a mess. But most assume that you are interested in the segment. (Which I don’t like), and then there’s the challenging piece, which, again, is cool if you get stuck. But since you can add a limited number of people therefore not applicable to larger clubs/teams/groups. i understand You have to go out somewhere But I’m still puzzled by how both Strava and Zwift missed the boat in the bigger team/club dynamics here. in any case If you want the full scoop Check out Lama’s video below (Oh, and related. Now, I still use the single-use, single-use, yearly+ routing parts, as well as the big rides I’m into. to leave now):

2) The 2022 Women’s WorldTour calendar includes the Tour de France Women: I’m really excited about it. It’s overdue. Even though it’s “one week”, it’s just the beginning. And it’s a good place to develop audiences. It will be carried out directly according to the male type. It runs from July 24th to July 31st. We won’t see this course until later this year, so we don’t know either. It’s interesting to see what they do here for a reason. Because starting the same day the men finish it means that virtually every part of the media and word about bikes is in Paris to finish the race. As many people have said, both in terms of fans and media. It would have been better to share it with the last week of the men’s tour. where the women had just begun to experience earlier on the same route (on the streets already closed early), but in any case

3) Fossil does not plan to upgrade existing Wear OS watches: After Google announced last month that they would be partnering with Samsung to create a new Wear OS version/offer, Fossil generally said it ‘sorry’ to existing owners. for fairness I think this might be the only approach that works. Depending on how drastic the change is, many (including myself) will argue that the only thing that will make Wear OS half-appetizing is a big change. Sometimes pulling the Band-Aid hurts. I didn’t ask Suunto, Casio, or Polar if they planned to update the Wear OS unit.

4) Kiel Reijnen ran 18 miles on a gravel bike during the race: Yes, you read that right – 18 miles or 29 kilometers – after he had a machine. He did this in socks on the gravel floor. where the motorcycle is worn over the shoulder using a spare tube

5) Peloton Acquires More Tech Companies: This time Latitude 32, the engineering company that has helped Fitbit, GoPro and many other leading companies. This includes projects in the field of sports. Wearables, audio equipment and accessories It’s as if there’s really no doubt that at this point Peloton is planning to wear some kind. After buying Atlas and more

6) How Val Thorens Ski Resort uses drones: quite interesting From one of the biggest names in skiing in France. And we’re not talking about consumer drones here. but an industrial drone Use it for everything from trail checks for skiers at the end. to checking the avalanche system, etc. I would also love to go back to skiing Val Thorens again.

7) Also – if you want some hilarious from past videos from Val Thorens: It was 6 years ago in Val Thorens when The Girl was ‘stuck’ on a giant zipline dangling between two mountain peaks. Plus, my videos and so many other jokes. Seriously, it’s absolutely insane how tall you are. how far And I’d love to do it again.

Sports Tech device firmware updates this week:

each week I’ll be quick to highlight the new firmware updates, apps, software, and web services I’ve seen. If you are a sports tech company and publish updates Please make a note for me. (Only one liner is perfect. or better tweet to me) and I’ll talk about it here. If you don’t know Can’t post, sounds good? Oh – and if you want to get started on things This page is a great resource for viewing Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, and other firmware updates. a few more

This is a big week for firmware updates from a lot of players!

Garmin Edge 530/830/1030/1030 Plus BETA Firmware Update: Continue customizing the routing/map screen. This is only tied to the 1030 Plus, but you can find the rest on Garmin forums (with the latest beta due to frequent updates).

Garmin Fenix ​​​​6/MARQ/Enduro Series Firmware Update: Many Fixes and Optimizations

Garmin Forerunner 945 Firmware Update: Here’s a ton of new features, from Ultra Run mode to new sleep tracking. to effort tracking awareness, updated Trail Run options, and more. This has been in beta for a long time. Finally, now the production

Garmin Forerunner 745 Firmware Update: Basically the same as the FR945 above.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Firmware Update: Adds Daily Recommended Workouts, VO2Max for Trail Run Activities, Effort Tracking Awareness, and More.

Garmin HRM-PRO Firmware Update: Bug Fixes

Hammerhead Karoo Series Firmware Update: Major Strava Leaderboard Updates, Including ANT+ Sensor Connectivity Improvements.

Polar Verity Sense Firmware Update: Increases Battery Life to 30 Hours Adds Developer SDK Content and change the way sensors transmit data via ANT+ during swim mode. so users can see a summary of their HR cycle data when a connection is available. i tried Then I checked with Polar)

Wahoo ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM Series Firmware Update: Adds Performance Improvements and customize the default KICKR & FE-C controls for passive mode.

Wahoo KICKR V5 & V4 (2020/2018) Firmware Update: Adds proper Bluetooth FTMS support (woot!).

Wahoo RIVAL firmware update: UI tweaks and bug fixes

For this reason, thanks for reading!

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