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Riot will control Valorant’s voice chat by recording commands.

Riot Games is about to begin recording in-game voice communication in ValuationWith the intention of assessing and scrutinizing toxic behavior in first-person shooter games. League of Legends The developers announced the new policy on Friday in a letter to players.

Valuation It’s the only game for Riot to record and monitor voice chats right now, although the policy applies to all Riot games including Teamfight strategy and League of LegendsRiot said it would listen and review the audio recordings only when the players were reported. Players who do not want voice chats to be recorded will have the option to completely mute their voice chats. Otherwise, by using the chat function on ValuationYour communications will be recorded and moderated.

The new policy is a step in Riot̵

7;s efforts. Valuation Games that are “safe and inclusive for everyone,” the company said.

This problem is not unique to ValuationOr, for the first time, Riot has tried to alter the toxic behavior in the gaming community. League of Legends It is famous for this. So it comes as no surprise when Riot players and developers report sexism, racism and harassment. ValuationShortly thereafter, Riot pledged to its players to try and combat this kind of behavior in the game.The startup team, Social and Player Dynamics, led by Executive Producer Sara Dadafshar, worked on all social features in Valuation.

“Our goal – our best efforts – is not just to reduce toxicity. But also include the players, “Dadafshar told Polygon.

Dadafshar and the Social and Player Dynamics team have introduced some changes to the Valuation That players may notice, such as the AFK player detection system and new reporting tools Voice Chat Controls – Starting with a recorder player chat, it is the next step in detoxification. Valuation The players

In 2020, Sony was criticized for using a non-notification feature that allowed the company to record voice chat for The problem is that Sony records voice chats. But the system doesn’t explain clearly. Players raised privacy concerns, with some concerned that Sony was constantly reviewing voice chats.Sony later clarified that the recording of voice chat was only used to investigate complaints.

Riot seems to be anticipating a similar concern and is talking directly about it.After all, the company has already dealt with the players questioning Vanguard. Valuation Anti-cheat system

“Ultimately it makes sense that we are doing this,” Dadafshar said. “I hope the players will see that and understand that we cannot be moderated without moderation. I hope. [players] See the whole picture “

Riot has also addressed data privacy:

We believe we should collect the absolute minimum information in order to use our games effectively and continually improve your experience. When we collect information, we will be transparent, we will keep it only for as long as necessary and we will protect it as if it were our own.

We know that audio data collection is a concern for many of you, but rest assured that we will not deliver anything if we are inconvenient for our own information to be treated the same way. And if you don’t want your voice chat you can turn off your voice chat.

Riot also clarified to Polygon that it does not monitor all the audio activity that comes into the computer – just the voice communication using it. ValuationOfficial channel Voice chat assessments won’t start happening immediately, Riot said, and a new behavior system tool is still in development. Players won’t notice much of what’s happening right away, according to Dadafshar, the development tool works “similar to Amazon Alexa,” where it “reacts and responds” to player chats using “clues.” Based on the context of natural language “to” filter in real time “

“But the last route to this is really filtering out what is being said,” Dadafshar said. ‘No, you can’t do that.’ Obviously, we were a little away from that point. But this is definitely the first step. That catch is happening now with a message – we just released that. Now, the next step is not only But only create messages [moderation] Better, but sound as well. “

Riot will continue to update. Valuation With the new features, including ones that address player behavior, Dadafshar points to features such as player reputation and honor tools, such as in League of LegendsBut Riot also wants to create a tool to bring like-minded players together, such as a search feature for people looking for a group to play with.

“We have a long journey ahead of us,” Dadafshar said, “and I want to fix that, not only that, but also to help others. But only for the players But for myself too ”

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