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Riverside County seniors 65 and older and more needed workers can get the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday.

In Riverside County, people 65 and older can begin getting the coronavirus vaccine on Thursday, along with adults of all ages, if they work in education, law enforcement, food and agriculture and emergency services.

The group makes up Phase 1B in the county’s vaccine distribution framework. People at all levels of Phase 1A can be vaccinated.


  • FOr Employees in Phase 1A and 1B – Tier 1 Appointments and Employee Badge / Mail from the required place of work, otherwise you will not be vaccinated.
  • For those 65 and over, an appointment and identification is required.

The vaccine will be given to those who have made an appointment in advance only. The latest information about vaccination distribution, including where and how to register, can be found at ruhealth.org/covid-1


People 65 and older who need help with appointment can call the Riverside County Elderly Office at 800-510-2020 or 2-1-1.

The clinic will give you a free vaccine, but you Must be registered prior to arrival. And show proof of eligibility (Business identity badge, letter of recommendation from employer)

There will be a request for health insurance information.

The clinic opened on Sunday, January 17 at the Indio Fairgrounds. The venue will be a walk-up clinic. You must still be registered for vaccination.
(Update – No more appointments at INDIO FAIRGROUNDS)

Driving clinics in Lake Elsinore are open Saturday only to people 65 and older.

Places where you can apply

Other providers offer vaccination, including drugstore at Albertsons and Ralphs grocery stores.

This comes after Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state was allowing residents aged 65 and older to receive the rare coronavirus vaccine.

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If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, call 833.422.4255 or visit https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines. You can send an email to: rivco.vaccines@ruhealth.org.

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