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Rivlin asks Charles to help with a request to bring a seriously ill child to Israel.

President Ruven Rivlin has written to Prince Charles of England seeking help and adding weight to the requests of parents of two-year-olds who want to be allowed to bring a child with severe disabilities to care for a child with severe disabilities. Israel

Alta Fixler, 2, from Manchester permanent brain damage from birth And the doctors said her condition would never improve.

According to British media reports children born in the UK whose parents are Israeli citizens and leading an Orthodox Jewish way of life Was ventilated at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital since birth.

Doctors said Alta couldn’t breathe. She could eat or drink without complicated medical interventions to keep her alive. They saw no hope that her condition would improve and wanted to turn off her life support equipment. As a devout Jew Her parents completely disagreed with this suggestion.

In an appeal to Charles on humanitarian reasons to enlist his influence so that Alta could be taken to Israel for treatment, Rivlin wrote: “I know there has been a representation to the HM government on this matter, but I feel that Unique circumstances guarantee a person. Intervention on my part with you It would be a tragedy if the wishes of these parents could not be fulfilled that respected both their law and their religious beliefs.”

The case was also brought up by the British Jewish Representative Committee and other Jewish organizations in the UK, which provided moral support to the Fixlers.

University of Manchester NHS Foundation Trust The custodian of Alta has appealed the decision to determine what would be in the child̵

7;s best interests. and the High Court ruled to withdraw the life support. A parent who is fighting ruling wants to take the child to Israel so she can continue treatment.

before Rivlin got involved in this. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein has appealed to British Health Minister Matt Hancock for permission to bring the child to Israel.

His request was accompanied by a legal opinion that under Israeli law Treatment can be continued if parents wish. and did not agree with stopping care

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