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Riz Ahmed is married, wife is anonymous.

Like the sound of silence

The British actor Riz Ahmed is apparently married, although he still has a mother in his new lady.

The 38-year-old revealed himself on January 11 of Louis Theroux’s podcast “Grounded” when he revealed he was still in California after wrapping up the movie there last year due to his “wife’s family”. Coming from the Bay Area to us every week.

Theroux, quite understandable, told Ahmed he “didn’t know” the Emmy winner was not single and asked how long he had been married.

“Really not very long,” Ahmed replied. “This is the first time I have mentioned this in an interview. So congratulations on this incredibly exciting scoop. ”

“I mean, I guess I generally don̵

7;t feel that relevant, so I don’t delve into much of my personal life or dating history or even family life,” he added.

Ahmed doesn’t think he is improperly witty from the public, however: “If I were quite private, I wouldn’t make a podcast without you being like this. ‘Hey, check out these movies, I’m on Twitter.’ I guess it’s about boundaries. ‘

Celebrity gossip forum user Lipstick Alley has swarmed about the name of stylist Akua Murray-Adoboe. That was linked to Ahmed, while Us Weekly noted that he was last seen with writer and filmmaker Anya Raza, his date at the 2018 Golden Globes.

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