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Robocaller was fined $ 10 million by the FCC.

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robocaller was fined $ 10 million.

Angela Lang / CNET

Robocaller was fined $ 9.9 million for using spoofed caller IDs for intentional harm, the U.S. National Communications Commission said Thursday.The FCC said scam callers created thousands of robocalls using racist messages of foreigners. And the pre-recorded threats, the FCC said.

The agency said calls were made to victims’ families, local journalists, political candidates and even as an apparent effort to defeat a jury listening to domestic terrorism, the agency said. Caller ID spoofing makes the call appear to come from a local number.

“It’s not just illegal calls. But callers are still taking them to great new levels, ”said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.“ With today’s neatness, we have yet again expressed our strong commitment to take serious action to pursue the stealthiest. Illegal bombing of Americans ”

The perpetrators harassed people across Iowa, Idaho, Virginia, Florida and Georgia, the FCC said.He had to pay the fine within 30 days or the matter would be scaled to the Justice Department, the agency said.

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