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Rochester police and city officials have prosecuted the use of force against residents and protesters. “Inhuman”

On Monday, a federal civil rights lawsuit was brought against city and police officials in Rochester, New York, alleged that “Inhumane” and use racist police violence against protesters and residents. The case comes more than a year after Daniel Prude. Died in police custodyThis has led to national condemnation about the use of police force in the city.

“Simply put, a remarkable historical record spanning more than four decades shows that the Rochester Police Department’s forceful practice remains inhumane, racist and opposed to the work of civilized society,”

; the case said.

The lawsuit filed by lawyers, activists and protests in the city claim that Rochester police routinely use excessive force on minorities, especially during protests and that department and city officials have released it. Keep the action largely unpolished.The nearly 100-page document details more than 50 cases of alleged police infringement against black people, most of which have never been formally disciplined.

Following an example of a pattern of alleged behavior, the case focuses on the use of force against protesters, medical units, journalists and legal observers who took the streets in September 2020 to protest Prud’s death.

Prude, a black man, died last March after he was suffering from a mental health disorder and his family called police for help. At about 3:15 am on March 23, Rochester police said they found Prud lying naked in the middle of the road.

No police have been charged in the death of Daniel Prude …

03:17 p.m.

As Prud followed their order to lie on his stomach and let himself be handcuffed, he sat up and started yelling at the officer following the camera footage of the response. Police then put the saliva hood over his head and pressed his face to the ground for more than three minutes.Prude eventually became unresponsive and later died in hospital.

A medical examiner convicted his death of murder due to “Complications of asphyxiation due to physical restraint” as well as “delirium” and PCP intoxication. Refuse to charge Authorities involved in Prud’s death in February.

The circumstances surrounding Prude’s death were not made public until September 2020, when the Prude family published body camera footage of the incident at a Sept. 2 press conference.The news sparked immediate discontent and protests. The first happened that night.

During protests and demonstrations over the following weeks, the case claimed Rochester police used “Offensive and violent forces” include tear gas, pepper spray, blunt cannonball, pepper ball, and weapons. In the first three nights of the protest, authorities installed 77 tear gas tanks and 6,100 pepper bullets.

“To be honest, what I’ve seen is not just fear, murder and brutality,” said Rochester photographer Raynaldo de Guzman, who attended the protest. Press release announcing the case according to WROC, a CBS subsidiary

Rochester police used pepper spray and tear gas as protesters gathered in Rochester, New York, on Sept. 5, 2020, on the fourth night of the protest following the release of a video showing Daniel Prude’s death.

MARANIE R. STAB / AFP via Getty Images

The case details dozens of cases of alleged police violence in protests, including an incident on Sept. 3 where an officer was accused of shooting a man with a “close range” pepper, leaving him completely blind. permanent Authorities were accused of “intentionally” shooting at doctors trying to assist, although doctors were accused of wearing bright red jackets to identify who they were.

On September 4, Rochester resembles a “war zone” with officers. “Flash grenades, tear gas and thousands of peppers are thrown into the crowd,” the case said.

That night, police were accused of trapping protesters on the bridge, a tactic commonly referred to as “kettles,” before attacking them with a handful of weapons. Video from that night showed a group of heavily armored police using peppers, 40mm kinetic ammunition, tear gas and batons to attack a diverse group of protesters that consisted of just umbrellas, cardboard boxes and children’s sleighs. Plastic against the RPD’s military-grade arsenal, ”the lawsuit said.

In New York City, for example, which saw thousands of protesters hit the streets, NYPD officials did not shoot a single pepper. “The case added. “In contrast, an RPD officer, on the night of September 4, 2020, shot 148 peppers in just twenty minutes.”

New York protests continue to kill Daniel Prude.
Protesters use an umbrella to block the tear gas introduced by Rochester Police during the Daniel Prude protest in Rochester, New York, U.S. on Sept. 5, 2020.

Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

The lawsuit also accused city officials of using It was a “deceptive internal discipline” and refused to arrest officials for excessive force either during protests or in daily work.

Of the 923 civilian allegations of excessive use of force between 2001 and 2016, only 1.7% of the police chief retained the case, the lawsuit said. The strictest penalties executed in 16 successive cases “are 6 holds, with most ranges from 1 to 20 days”

“Failing to significantly train, supervise and discipline officers that use excessive force and instead suppress evidence of official misconduct and attack critics of the agency, the city has promoted a culture of violence and violence. Not having to be punished in office, “the lawsuit said.

In a statement to CBS News, the lovely City of Rochester Mayor Warren “Welcome,” the Justice Department’s investigation into the police department and cites recent reforms the city has made, including requiring new officials to live in the city and allowing the mayor. Firefighter to determine the cause

The case named the City of Rochester and its police officers, including hundreds of police officers as defendants and sought financial damages and the appointment of independent investigators for the police department, among other requests.

“Without outside enforcement, the system will not change itself to date,” the Department has not fired or disciplined any officer known to have engaged in excessive force with Daniel Prude or any of the officers involved in the Blatant display of During the protests in September 2020, including those who filmed the video. The lawsuit said, adding, “The plaintiffs brought the case to an end to decades of violent and unconstitutional use of the RPD’s force before more and more lives of blacks and brunettes were lost. . ”

Neither the Rochester Police Department nor the union representing the officers immediately responded to CBS News’ request for comment.

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