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Rock Island Metra train collides with cars, killing three on the south coast of Chicago.

CHICAGO (WLS) — Three people died after a metro train collided with a car on Sunday.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said Metra spokesman Michael Gillis.

It was just a terrible tragedy. Especially the day before a very similar accident.

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As the investigators try to determine exactly what happened. Witnesses said this was an unnecessary loss.

It was a heart-wrenching sight as emergency responders attempted to recover the bodies of what they believed to be family.

Rock Island Metro Rail Inbound #122 collided with a vehicle at about 5:30 p.m. at the Metra crossing at West 1

07th Street on the south side of Chicago. According to Metra officials, the car was then towed down West 103rd Street and South Vincennes Avenue, Gillis said.

Metra officials provide update after Rock Island train collides with car, 3 dead

“We reached 107th Street and heard a rumbling. And we saw smoke and you just put two and two together there,” said Metra passenger Greg Smalls.

Gillis expects the train to move at about 79 mph.

“It was flying out of Blue Island. So it might be that fast,” Gillis said.

“The motorcyclist tried to stop. He’s trying his best,” Smalls added. “He blows him, blows him, blows him, unfortunately there is not enough time.”

The inbound and outbound trains were suspended while investigating the incident.

The Chicago Fire Department said the man, woman and girl in the car had died.

A Metra engineer sustained a minor injury to his leg and the conductor suffered a back injury, Gillis said. Three passengers also reported minor injuries. Two passengers were taken to a local hospital.

There were 41 passengers on the train at the time of the accident. Most are transported by bus to the nearest CTA Red Line station. officials said

There was no indication that the door or the bell was malfunctioning at the junction, Gillis said, but officials will be reviewing video of the incident.

while not confirmed Witness a story telling a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

“The car goes around And attempted to hit a train, said Deja Gardner, an eyewitness of the incident, saying “the car caught fire.”

The train’s lead derailed and Metra officials said significant delays were expected. A crane is now on the scene to lift the car back onto the tracks.

The train was being passed through the Beverly branch and officials said they hoped the scene could be cleared Monday morning.

No other details have been released at this time. Metra police are investigating.

This is the second fatal train accident this weekend.

“I can’t stress enough that you have to follow the cross-level protection measures. They were there for a reason,” Gillis said. “The door fell, the bell rang, the fire rang, meaning to stop. It means don’t try to cross the tracks.”

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