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Rockies Enable Trevor Story – MLB Trade Rumors

The Rockies have restored shortstop status. Trevor Story From the injury list 10 days before tonight’s game against the Marlins, he’s back in the starting line-up, fourth in infielder order. Alan Trejo Selected as Triple-A Albuquerque to create an active roster area. The story came out on May 28 due to inflammation of the right elbow.

The Rockies are delighted to welcome their best players back into the pack. But an even greater focus for the out-of-conflict club is Story’s independent agency. The 28-year-old is one of the leading players scheduled to enter the open market in the coming months. It looks like Story will never end his re-signing with the Rockies, making him one of the players likely to switch teams this summer. of the league last week Only behind teammates Jon Gray.


7;s not the banner season for Story yet. .255/.322/.424 Prior to IL, contestants gain a lot of attention as the deadline approaches. Thanks to his strong performance, between 2018-20 he scored. .292/.355/.545 Impressive, with 83 homers in 1571 appearances.

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