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Rockies Place Trevor Story 10 Day Injured List Matt Adams Reinstated

The Rockies have placed a shortstop. Trevor Story List of injured, 10 days, right elbow inflammation back yesterday Matt Adams Has been called from the injured list to be placed on the team list.

Story’s health will be a hot topic for the Rockies in the future. Here are some injuries he dealt with in 2018, noted Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post. A lineup to prove his health before the trading peak, The Rockies, of course, had to consider trading options for Story, a free agent at the end of the season. His numbers dropped dramatically with three slash lines at . in the meantime Brendan Rodgers A short step in what could prove to be a casting for the long term role.

Adams, 32, returns to his role as an out-of-field fighter. “Big cities”

; haven’t had much chance since making 20 home runs for the 2019 World Championships at the Nationals. He’s only stepped up to the plate. 72 times between this year and the last for the Braves and Rockies respectively. Overall, Adams had just two long balls in that period with a slash. .162/.208/.279

Lucas Gilbreth Jason Martinez, Fangraphs Roster Resource Architect, noted that Also recalled to serve as the 27th man for the current doubleheader, Southpaw, 25, has an 8.59 ERA, over 7 1/3 innings this season. This was the first major league action in his career.

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