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Roku has pulled YouTube TV from its stores as the Google feud intensifies.

Roku has done well with the threat of removing YouTube TV from its channel store amid a contract dispute with Google.Earlier this week, Roku said it would pull the app unless Google reverted back on legitimate claims. It accused YouTube of getting a priority in search results and for blocking results from other providers. (Like a music streaming service), while the app is in use, Roku also claims that Google wants the company to use certain memory cards and chipsets on their devices, pushing up the price of the hardware, which could make the Chromecast. More attractive options for consumers

Companies were unable to find general information, and YouTube TV disappeared from stores after the previous contract expired. Existing subscribers should still be able to access the app on their Roku as long as they haven̵

7;t removed it. This issue does not affect the main YouTube app, which is subject to a separate agreement.

“We have only made four simple promises from Google,” Roku said in a statement. DeadlineFirst, don’t misrepresent consumer search results. Second, don’t want others to have inaccessible data. Third, it doesn’t have to take advantage of its YouTube monopoly to force Roku to accept hardware terms that will increase its costs. Fourth consumers do not have to take action. In a manner that discriminates against and opposes competing with Roku.

The company claims it is not asking Google extra money to renew its contract.Roku continues to hope to enter into a new deal with Google and bring YouTube TV back to its channel store.

Here’s Roku’s letter to customers about the problem:

Dear Roku Customers,

We are disappointed to share the news that Google chose to have its YouTube TV contract expired.

Although this news is unfortunate But we want to let you know that we are taking one step further to ensure that existing Roku users, such as you, have access to YouTube TV while we work towards reaching an agreement.

We will always stand up for our users, which is why we are unable to accept Google’s unfair and anti-competitive terms that would allow the manipulation of your search results to affect your use of your information; and Make you cost in the end

Our commitment is to always put your attention first, so we will continue to provide existing users with access to YouTube TV unless Google takes the action that requires the removal of all channels. New members are not allowed at this time. It is important that you not delete the YouTube TV app as it will not be able to download to your Roku device.

We remain committed to a good faith agreement with Google that will maintain your access to YouTube TV according to your preferred search settings and protect your information. We hope to update you soon.

YouTube said Roku’s allegations of “making any request to access user data or interfere with search results” were unfounded and false, claiming Roku acted in bad faith, terminating the deal during negotiations and The company has implemented a similar strategy with other streaming platforms.

The preliminary talk, according to the blog post, focused on contract renewal under the existing terms. However, as YouTube said, “Roku has opted for this as an opportunity to negotiate a separate deal, which includes the main YouTube app, which will never expire until December.”

The streaming giant claims that “Roku requests exceptions to destroy the YouTube experience and limit our ability to update YouTube to fix problems or add new features”, including a lack of support for itself. The open-source video codec, which YouTube said would prevent users from viewing content in 4K or 8K on Roku devices, noting that “Give Roku special treatment at the expense of its users” but said it was committed to making sure users still have access to YouTube TV.

Update 4/30 12:25 p.m. ET: Increase your YouTube response.

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