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Roku removes YouTube TV from the Channel Store using “Anti-Competition Guidelines”; YouTube Announces “Termination of the Agreement in Bad faith” – Update

Updated with YouTube TV responses. YouTube TV has issued a lengthy response to Roku’s latest foray into the two companies’ increasingly intense distribution battles this morning.The streaming bundle was removed from Roku’s channel repository without blocking. Sign up again. But now allow existing users to continue viewing services

In a blog post, the company wrote, “We are working with Roku to renew the YouTube TV distribution agreement on their devices. Although we did our best to reach an agreement in the best interests of our users, Roku was in bad faith terminated our deal amid our negotiations. Unfortunately, Roku often engages in this strategy with other streaming providers. ”

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YouTube said it initially wanted to renew its existing deal with Roku without changing its terms. But the digital giant said Roku “chose to use this as an opportunity to negotiate a separate deal that includes the main YouTube app, which will never expire until December.”

It also dismissed Roku’s commitment to technical specifications, saying that it treats the company no different than any other partner. “Roku requests exemptions that will destroy the YouTube experience and limit our ability to use it. Updating YouTube to fix problems or add new features, ”the blog post confirms,“ For example, without support for open-source video codecs, you will not be able to watch YouTube in 4K HDR or 8K even if you Will buy a Roku device that supports that resolution. “


Roku has followed threats to remove the YouTube TV streaming bundle from the platform in the dispute, essentially more than a dollar.

The streaming service warned Monday that it would unplug YouTube TV unless Google’s streaming store agreed to limit its search and data usage. YouTube is billed to leverage Google’s resources to handle search results in a way that destroys the Roku user experience and captures sensitive customer data.

Today’s action will remove the YouTube TV app from Roku’s channel store, blocking new customers from signing up. Existing customers will still have access to the service.The main YouTube app is subject to a separate distribution agreement and is not affected by YouTube TV blocking.

“We are disappointed that Google allows our YouTube TV distribution agreement to expire,” Roku said in a statement, adding that “one dollar additional financial consideration was not sought from Google to renew YouTube TV.”

With more than 3 million followers, YouTube TV is one of the top players in the internet-delivered TV bundle, a small subsection. But there’s the importance of the bigger Pay-TV arena, as Roku’s interface runs a third of all smart TVs in North America, so it’s one of the main streaming gateways along with the Amazon Fire TV service. It went dark in Roku’s Channel Store at 8 a.m. ET on its own smart TVs and connected devices.Roku had 51 million active accounts as of the end of 2020.

A YouTube TV spokesperson did not immediately respond to Deadline’s request for comment.In response to Roku’s bill Monday, YouTube TV has denied what it called. The “unfounded claims” by Roku regarding the handling of information. Confirm that it is a negotiation in good faith.

Below is a statement from Roku, reflected in an email to customers this morning.

We only made four simple promises from Google. First, don’t misrepresent consumer search results. Secondly, it does not require access to information that is not available to anyone else. Third, don’t take advantage of YouTube’s monopoly to force Roku to accept hardware terms that will increase consumer costs. Fourth, it does not operate in a discriminatory and anti-competitive manner against Roku.

As our contract expires, we have removed YouTube TV from our channel store. In order to continue to provide our users with great streaming experience, we are taking special steps to keep current subscribers able to access YouTube TV on the Roku platform unless Google takes the desired action that the channel is completely removed. Due to Google’s actions, new subscriptions will not be available until an agreement is reached.

It has been time ago that Google embraced the principle of making streaming so popular for millions of users by letting consumers control the streaming experience by embracing fair competition and ending resistance. The competition We believe that consumers will benefit from Google and Roku reaching a fair deal that upholds these principles, and we remain committed to that goal.

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