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Rome’s Colosseum to acquire a new $ 22 million ground to give tourists a gladiator perspective.

ROME – For 500 years, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire, hosting fights, executions and hunting. Then decay

Now, almost 2,000 years after its creation, the Colosseum is gaining new high-tech ground. Made from sustainable wood-covered carbon fiber, promises to give visitors a glimpse of a fighter in Italy’s most popular sights.

At this time, the Colosseum’s underground tunnel system is revealed, remnants of 19th-century archaeologists who unearthed the labyrinth passageway beneath the stage.

“The floor is electrically foldable,” Fabio Fumagalle, an architect involved in the project, told NBC News. “In this way, we can control the basement environment and at the same time we can show it to the people. Visitors see a complex opening system on the original floor plan. “

The Colosseum, which can accommodate 70,000 people when it opened, had about 7.6 million visitors in 201

9 before the coronavirus took place.

When built in 80 AD, the floors are wooden and covered with sand. It was a high technology of that era, with moving parts and removable parts where fighters and beasts would appear on stage through a complex elevator system.

“The Colosseum’s original ground is highly innovative,” said Andreas Steiner, editor-in-chief of Archeo, Italy’s monthly magazine on archeology and ancient history.

The ancient Colosseum in Rome is getting a new, high-tech floor with slanting and retractable planks, the Italian Ministry of Culture announced Tuesday.Dario Francescini

This new floor will destroy floors with technology.

The planks and carbon fiber panels can be tilted 90 degrees to allow light to enter and reveal the tunnels underneath. Parts of it will be able to retreat, slide along the runners and reveal the Warren below that was once used as a backdrop for dangerous performances and big events in the arena.

The floor also aims to protect the arena footing, which has been exposed to the elements for over 200 years.The new perimeter ventilation units will help regulate the basement temperature and humidity, and rainwater will be collected for use in public toilets.

The new Colosseum flooring idea was first proposed by archaeologist Daniele Manacorda in an article published in Archeo in 2014.The proposal was accepted by the country’s Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. It calls for engineers and architects to come out to plan. Recently a tender was won by engineering firm Milan Ingegneria, which will build the flooring for $ 22 million.

“It’s an interesting proposal. But we should not forget that the original floor was not just for games. It is also a platform for violence and brutality, ”Steiner said.“ Creating a new ground is a good idea. But I hope they won’t use it to re-enact fighters’ fight laws. It will be a tribute to death and violence. ”

The new floor is scheduled for completion in 2023 and will allow for another cultural event within the Colosseum, according to Franceschini.

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