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Ron Johnson Takes Senate Vacation

Bills aimed at fighting China’s competitiveness are hitting last-minute hurdles that have pushed the Senate until late at night and possibly Friday.

its Ron JohnsonRonald (Ron) Harold Johnson, misinformation causes Wrench to mask himself. Memo: Media faces troubling questions about Trump, NRSC lab chair Wuhan presses Trump to support more incumbent 2022 (R-Wis.), supported by a conservative group of senators. Throw the bill back into limbo. Because he refused to let it move forward due to frustration that he didn̵

7;t get some of his fixes in the package.

“It seems that other people There will be something in this manager’s package,” he said, adding that journalists should expect to be in town hall for a long time.

He also told reporters that Senators need “time” to “read and consider” what’s added to the bill.

“How could anyone understand it?” Johnson said. “We will try and spend as much time as we can so that we can fully consider this bill.”

Democrats are trying to move forward with the bill, claiming it is the work of a series of committees.

“Our colleagues Our leaders on both sides of the aisle have been working through the normal order process with our colleagues on the 36 different revisions I’m currently viewing. Many of them are bipartisan. And I think those members Deserves the vote,” Sen said. Maria CantwellMaria Elaine CantwellSchumer Under pressure from GOP Democrats on China bill The Senate competitiveness bill includes a B authorization for space company Bezos Senate Commerce Advances, more of Biden’s top science nominees. (D-Wach.) Chairman of the Commerce Committee

But a group of GOP senators objected.

“Right now we are at 11. [p.m.]We have arrived at the meeting room. It’s the first time I’ve seen fixes in the manager’s package. I’m sorry. I don’t know what these fixes are. …You can claim this is a normal order. You can claim that this is a review process. But it is still far from it,” Johnson said.

Johnson asked the package to be postponed for three hours, and Senator Rick Scott (SRT) tried to delay the delivery of the package until Memorial Day. Cantwell Weeks objected to both requests.

“It is time for us to respect the requests of our colleagues to move forward in a package of managers carried out by the respective leaders and presidents and rating members,” she said.

But GOP senators are expected to talk for hours. This will delay Chinese parcel deliveries until at least as early as Friday morning. If it’s not too late or late afternoon

As Johnson began to speak Most of the senators left the Capitol planning to sleep for a few hours. The leadership is telling lawmakers to keep their phones nearby amid speculations about when the next vote will be held.

“People are going to go home, rest and sleep,” the senator said. Steve DanesSenator Steven (Steve) David DainesGOP proposes bill to reimpose sanctions on Nord Stream. Buttigieg’s housing infrastructure fudge has driven skeptical GOP senators, calling for Biden to withdraw support for vaccine patent waiver. more COVID (R-Mon.) as he left the town hall

its John ThunSenator John Randolph ThuneGOP, unhappy with the deal, was caught trying to block China’s backup GOP bill from threats to block Schumer’s China bill under pressure from Democrats. GOP rate on Chinese billing More (RS.D.) Republican Senator No. 2 forecast most of the bill was in limbo until Friday morning.

“These people said they would spend eight hours. I will believe when I see it But I think it will take some time,” Thun said.

When the senator returns to Congress They will still have multi-stage voting. And the same GOP senator, Thun warned that more time might be needed on Friday morning.

In addition to Johnson and Scott, the senators were in attendance. John KennedyJohn Neely Kennedymore (R-La.), Mike LeeMichael (Mike) Shumway LeeSchumer under pressure from GOP Democrats on China Hillicon Valley bill: Amazon faces prosecution alleging racial bias | Senate Commerce Progressive Committee Biden Leading Science Nominees | Colonial Pipeline CEO Testifies on Capitol Hill in June Senate Commerce Advances More Biden Leading Science Nominees (R-Utah), and Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulGOP retreats from threats to block Schumer’s China bill under pressure from GOP Democrats on China bill. Rand Paul responds to Colbert. About Vaccines: ‘Try to Ignore Your Bias’ More (R-Ky.).

It was the latest failure for Chinese law after it was suspended several hours earlier on Thursday as Schumer terminated his deal with Sen. Mike KrapoSenator Michael (Mike) Dean CrapoGOP, unhappy with the deal, was caught trying to block China’s Schumer bill under pressure from GOP Democrats on China’s bill on money. : Biden management launches trade dispute with Canadian dairy industry, Warren urges Biden to replace Fed’s Quarles MORE (R-Idaho) in his trade and tax amendments.

This was eventually resolved as senators overwhelmingly voted to add Crapo’s proposal to the bill, which was expected to be the last hurdle before the bill was passed by the Senate.

but since then The bill was in limbo for hours. Because the leader has tried to fix the final patch.

Leaders are expected to debate the final set of amendments that could be revised Thursday night, paving the way for a vote of arguments on the creation of the amendments on Jan. 6.

But it was clear at around 8 p.m. that the bill had another problem.

Thun returned to the town hall. Told reporters that “Now we have an argument to do nothing.”

“I’m not sure how we’re going to fix this,” Thun said, adding: “Pretty unsolvable”

its Rob PortmanRobert (Rob) Jones Portman Despite Biden’s strong start, Democrats are concerned with The Hill’s Morning Report – presented by Uber – infrastructure Greene uses Washington The Hill’s Morning Report – presented by Uber – One Year Later – Did George Floyd’s Kill Change the World? over (R-Ohio) Confirms GOP Senator Holds Bill but refused to discuss the matter that he did not want. “Give oxygen”

“Our members are worried that they haven’t been fixed. But I think we are working on a fix,” he added. It is expected to be fixed “late night”.

The senators were then ordered to return to the town hall shortly after 10 p.m., where they huddled on the ground, but failed to reach an agreement on the swift action.

“I think if you randomly pick 10 senators and ask them to leave the record. You know what’s in this bill,” Kennedy said. “Not every word, but do you have a general idea? … An idea of ​​everything on this bill. Nine out of 10 will tell you that. They don’t have and ten is probably a lie.”

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