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Rondesantis government seeks to ‘usurp’ urban leadership led by Democrats

Orange COUNTY, Fla. – After Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order revoking all local outbreak-related documents, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said he believed the governor’s action was part of a larger partisan plan. In the subversion of democratic-led urban and urban areas

The mayor and other local leaders were surprised Monday when DeSantis signed an emergency defense of the government’s poaching law that will not take effect until July. But then an order from the management was issued and took effect immediately.

“None of us knew it was coming down,”

; Demings said.

The new law allows the Legislature to override the governor’s emergency order and “Establish a default legal assumption that during any emergency our business should be free from government orders to close and our schools should remain open to self-teaching for our children.” Ours, ”according to DeSantis.


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DeSantis has never issued a mask order across the state. But local government leaders, including Orange and Seminole counties, have put in place face masking requirements.

Asked on Monday afternoon what the executive order meant for an Orange County executive order requiring face masking in public, Demings said he needed to read the statement first. Hours later, after the governor’s office delivered the executive order, Demings released a statement.


“I’m not surprised,” he wrote, “first he stated that the order would not be effective until July 1, 2021, and then he quickly changed the order to take effect. He then proposed a new language that nullifies the ability of local governments to operate in public health emergencies. “




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