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Ross Brawn Column – On Red Bull’s momentum, frustration for Russell and Mercedes goes from here.

Max Verstappen earned his third win of four Grands Prix to extend his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the Drivers Championship, while Charles Leclerc made a strong recovery with a drop at the back in Lap 1 to rise. In 7th place in the Styrian Grand Prix, Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Formula 1 Motorsport discusses key points…

Red Bull attacks gathered rhythm.

Here’s the interesting thing about F1. Sometimes you win races that you shouldn’t have won. Sometimes you don’t win races, you should. At the beginning of the year Red Bull felt very smooth running. feel a little stumble But now they are back faster.

What looks like a better car is showing in the results. Earlier this year Mercedes overtook them. That̵

7;s not the case. It was the opposite in the past few races, Mercedes tried too hard. and they stumbled

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Celebrate Red Bull as they continue their strong form.

Verstappen’s maturity shines through.

I’ve said more than once that I think Max is a championship staple. We have to remember what we saw when he first arrived in F1. He was quite raw and unpolished. I’d say we’re seeing the same level of speed with a really great show now.

He has good judgment. work well with the team Have a good relationship with the team And now he had reached the level of maturity. which he has a really high chance to win the championship this year and he can do it in Exquisite control style

We knew from the beginning that he was sensitive. But instead immersed in various events There are many things that he shouldn’t be involved in. You can see that maturity quite clearly. And he has shown exemplary works.

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Verstappen has won three of the last four races and leads the championship.

Mercedes has some decisions to make some.

Someone said to me after the race, ‘Do you think the regulatory changes affect Mercedes?’ And I said let’s not forget at the end of last year Red Bull was probably the fastest car. The change in regulations affects everyone. How much of each team has been affected is hard to judge. Red Bull is really starting to assert their authority.

It’s been a tough year for Mercedes to return as the focus is on next season – and the new regulations. Can’t do anything with the engine. Did they burn the resources in this car and make a small sacrifice for next year? I don’t doubt Because it’s so hard to capture the momentum of a car that you might suddenly stop working on.

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They may try to compete more effectively. Try to squeeze more performance from the car kit. and how it works But I don’t think we’ll see any major upgrades or big changes in the cars. They’ll have to squeeze out a little more lemon juice without putting too many resources into it, which could have a negative impact next year.


Hamilton will need his best if he stays in this year’s race, which appears to be the second fastest car.

It looks like Red Bull is using a lower drag configuration. giving them a straight line speed advantage. I don’t know if that’s a Mercedes option. Are they at the optimal level? Do they question the simulation? Could developing a new rear wing be a project they could put resources into?

That’s what’s going to circle in my heart until it breaks. when on vacation Everyone will strive for next year. Let’s take a look at what will happen in the next three races before the summer closes.

My daily driver – Charles Leclerc

My racer that day had a problem because when he went Charles was clearly dominant in the competition. It wasn’t the best overall match we’ve seen from him. But he was quite impressive in the way he recovered from behind.

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Of course, he was wrong in the first place. He was quite clumsy in the beginning. So it’s a dilemma. Because I think he deserves today’s driver and our fans say the same. But I’ll give you a warning that it’s far from a perfect match.

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Max did an impeccable job. But it was a straightforward victory. There was no challenge like the last race where he was under intense pressure for quite some time. I will give Charles at my discretion.

when you win the race And be a good driver like Charles was. You’ll be annoyed when you’re back in the herd. instead of being in front of the grid I always remember Michael being in an accident in the middle of the herd rather than in the front. It was really inevitable. That sounds clear. But there are people who regularly race in the middle of the herd with no accidents.

He had to maintain a flair about him when he was in a lower position. it’s much busier because he knew how strong he was. Therefore, a moderate conservative approach must be considered. The difficult point is If you’re too conservative You will also have an accident.

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It’s pretty wild in the pack. therefore finding that balance I wonder if there’s a touch of ‘I should be in front – I want to get back up as soon as possible’


Leclerc was lucky to get to the pits early. It didn’t derail his race as he fought back through the field.

Disappointment for Williams and Russell

It was a very impressive match from George to the point where he started having technical difficulties. He seems to have a leaky wind. These engines have air springs in the engine. And sometimes the seal or tube can be damaged. They have very little reservoir capacity because they do not use air. The air is there to provide air pressure on the valve springs.

So if a leak occurs The reservoir will quickly disappear. Then you can have terminal engine failures, which both from a cost perspective and potential penalties perspective are not what they want. It annoyed the team and irritated George. Because it seemed the perfect match for Williams.

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Williams is heading in the right direction. They seem to be making some progress now. They will have the same dilemma as to how hard they try next year. Compared to returning to a more respectable position this year. When you are behind the grid The calculations are different when you are at the front or in the middle of the pack.

Formula One World Championship World

Bright start after amazing qualifying But it still wasn’t for Russell to chase the scores in vain.

When you’re in the back, the question is, how much does the sponsorship opportunity depend on showing progress? I have this with Honda, we dropped the 2008 car because it was done by the time I got there. it’s not a good car So we put all our efforts in 2009. Honda retired at the end of 2008. I’ve always wondered if a better performance in 2008 would keep them in the game.

Williams will juggle the balance on how much they want this year and next. They have long-term investors. So I’m sure next year is the biggest consideration for them. It was a great show from George all week. It’s annoying that they don’t give them the points they deserve.

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