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Rudy Giuliani taps Alan Dershowitz for legal advice after the Federal Raid.

On Wednesday, the apartments and offices of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer, were raided by police. On Thursday, he picked up the phone and called Alan Dershowitz.

“I have spoken against several attacks. [and on Thursday] Giuliani called me and asked me if I would share that perspective with his lawyer, ”said Dershowitz, a celebrity attorney and Democrat who served on President Trump’s defense team at the first trial. In a phone interview on Friday morning

Dershowitz continued that he was pleased to speak to Giuliani’s attorneys about the fourth Amendment issue regarding Giuliani̵

7;s search for his apartment and the confiscation of some of his electronic equipment. “But he noted that he had not heard from him, a lawyer yet.

Dershowitz said he had agreed to offer Giuliani and his team a “constitutional recommendation” after the raid. But it was not one of his advice to the record, Dershowitz emphasized that his stance was “a subpoena should be the first to recourse”.

“You will only issue a search warrant if you have reason to believe the lawyer will destroy evidence,” Dershowitz said, adding that the fourth amendment provides specific protection on “lawyers and doctors and priests – anyone with information. That is exclusive “

Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello and a longtime friend of Giuliani’s declined to say whether he was connected to Dershowitz or was already asked.

Prosecutors are reportedly investigating whether Giuliani violated lobbying rules in his campaign to oust US ambassador Mariyovanovic in the spring of 2019, according to reports. New York TimesThe Foreign Agents Registration Act requires Americans to register with the Department of Justice when they want to influence the United States on behalf of the Foreign Chief, and investigations have been reported that Giuliani’s quest to evict Yovanovitch is carried out. On behalf of the Ukrainian authorities?

In addition to a Wednesday’s search for Giuliani’s apartment, Costello also revealed that prosecutors had secretly operated a search warrant on his client’s iCloud account in “late 2019” during an appearance on Tasman’s Fox News show. Hacker Carlson Giuliani complained that the search was “right in the middle” of his work during the first prosecution hearing of former President Trump and prosecutors “took the privileged documents”.

Dershowitz was a member of Trump’s legal defense during the 2020 Senate hearing, and, of course, Giuliani led the way with Trump’s blessing and support – a Biden-style digging survey, which directly resulted in The Trump-Ukraine scandal and similar prosecution have emerged.

Dershowitz’s involvement in the Giuliani case largely reflects his involvement in advising the defense team for another Trump friend, pillow tycoon Mike Lindell. Faced with a $ 1.6 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for making false claims about the company, Lindell turned to Dershowitz to advise on the case. Although not a record attorney in the ruling series, Dershowitz proposed a legal theory for Lindell’s legal team to work on the impact of a possible First Amendment of the ruling suit.

On Friday, Dershowitz also pointed to his irony of advising Giuliani over the federal assault: since 1970, former federal prosecutor Giuliani and Dershowitz, a criminal defense attorney at They have known each other for a long time, often on the contrary of the four verses Troubleshooting and cases Over the years, each of them has often invited the other to a class or office meeting to discuss the Fourth Amendment and other topics of conflict and legal interests.

“He was wrong then and now he is,” said Dersovitz. “Nothing better will help you change your mind than when it happened to you.”

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