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Rumors Roundup: Original WrestleMania 37 Original Plans, Upcoming WWE PPV Dates and More!

All speculation about professional wrestling rumors is a favorite pastime for many fans, perhaps second only to watching real matches. In today’s column, we take a look at the latest rumors made by rumor mill professional wrestling.

Important warning: The rumors are just that – rumors.This is not confirmed to be true, it is just spreading around the mill professional wrestling rumors. We keep track of the rumors in a weekly feature called Rumor Look Back, which you can find right here. Don’t forget to bring a pinch of salt.

Rumors of the day:

  • Per WrestleVotes, before Tag Team Turmoil was announced, WWE was originally thought to have the Women̵
    7;s Battle Royal that WrestleMania 37 One night, the last two were crowned winners and formed a team for the title the next night.
  • According to PW Insider Money in the bank It will take place on May 16 and cog It will take place on June 20 of this year. Both events will take place at ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Fla.
  • In Wrestling Observer Radio it is said that Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was moved to SmackDown To make sure each night WrestleMania 37 It stays up to 3 and a half hours.
  • Ringside News claims Logan Paul had a backstage problem on the last WWE he was there. But he’s been doing a really good job since coming to work on screen.

  • Davey Richards is close to finalizing a deal to return to professional wrestling with Global Syndicate Wrestling, PW Insider said.

If you’ve heard an interesting rumor you’d like to add, please feel free to post it in the comments section below. Just remember that they are rumors and not confirmed to be true, so admit they are and check out our weekly Rumor Look Back. Here To keep track of how often the rumors are correct

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