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Running and Keto Fuel This Guy’s 210-Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Johnny Zolton had always had weight issues, but things changed dramatically when he lost his mother at 15. “I gave up all my sports at school and switched to video games and junk food,” he says. His non-exercise life and unhealthy diet led to continued weight gain. And when Johnny was 25, he weighed 445 pounds.

“I felt useless as a person,” he said, “before my youngest son was born. I’m playing outside with my two children. As I walked up the two steps of my balcony, I gasped. I thought, ‘I have to do something. otherwise I won’t I’m here for my kids. I won’t be here to take my daughter down the aisle. I won̵

7;t be here to teach my children. mine in sports”

That day became a real turning point. since then He started exercising every day. He started with a strong focus on cardio. He also changed his diet completely, eating mostly eggs, chicken, rice and broccoli. before finally adopting the keto diet

“It was difficult at first. Understand how many carbohydrates are in everything. And how does everything feel like there are carbs in it?” he said. “When I got into the swing of things, it was a lot easier and I enjoyed it a lot… I love eggs. I eat a lot and don’t feel bad at all. I also like steak and red meat.”

Everything Johnny did From exercise to keto It’s all self-study from YouTube and Reddit, with no trainers or dietitians. He currently lifts weights seven days a week. and run a few miles every day All in all, it was a six-year process. Starting at 445 pounds, Johnny eventually lost 210 pounds. And now, at 31 years old, currently weighs 235 pounds, and he hasn’t finished yet.

“My final goal is to stay healthy. and ultimately reduced body fat to 10 percent or less,” he said.

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