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Russia fires supersonic anti-speed ship cruise missile in ‘Signal to NATO’

The Russian Navy has tested firing a hypersonic anti-cruise missile in the Black Sea to perform military maneuvers before NATO’s military maneuvers in the region.

With tensions still smoldering after Russia’s building of forces on the border with Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry tweeted a picture on Friday of Moss A missile cruiser from the Black Sea Fleet fires a Vulkan missile.

The P-1000 Vulkan, an improved Soviet-era P-500 Bazalt missile with more range, was fired through. Moss The Pentagon said the Bazalt main missile system of the Naval Post reported.

Images tweeted by the Pentagon show the shot from multiple angles and cut to the ship’s crew on the bridge.

The Black Sea Fleet̵

7;s “Mosqua” missile cruiser for the first time in modern history launches a missile in the Black Sea with the main ballistic system of the ship “Basalt” with a “Vulcan” missile. South #Submarine # battleship pic.twitter.com/IDfEh39Cmd

– Ministry of Defense of Russia (@mod_russia) April 30, 2021

In the Zvezda military news coverage, a replica enemy ship wreck was shown, and reporters said: “These missiles are the reason our cruisers are called” warships. ” ‘Killer aircraft carrier’ ” followed Moscow Times.

This week MossWarships and other military helicopters take part in naval fire drills. It came as a US Coast Guard. HamiltonThe cutters are moving into the Black Sea to work with NATO allies in the region. Reuters reported that the ship was being tracked by a Russian fleet.

Mathieu Boulègue, a researcher from Russia, the Eurasia Project at London’s Chatham House, said the launch from Moss Is Russia showing an increase in the regional navy, in line with the latest force shows in occupied Crimea.

“In addition to its signaling capabilities, Russia has expressed its intention to protect and protect its assets in the Black Sea,” he said. Newsweek. “This is not only But including Crimea only But also added the Azov Sea, where the Kerch Strait was closed for non-Russian ships until late October.

“The more tactical reasoning is to signal to NATO that Russia is watching the DEFENDER Europe 2021 maneuver to take place in the region soon,” he added, referring to the military maneuver of the Russian Federation. The US military involved 27 nations and tens of thousands of other troops.

Russia announced the closure of the Kerch Strait for non-Russian ships until October 31, Moscow said the move was meant to avoid collisions from impending naval drills. But many see it as a movement to confirm its existence in the Azov Sea, the Kerch Strait. Separated from the black sea

Last week, Russia announced the withdrawal of troops along the border with Ukraine following the deployment, it said was in response to NATO maneuvers near the Russian border.

“The entire region is becoming a hotbed for increased tensions and miscalculations that need to be handled carefully,” added Boulègue.

Moscow Black Sea Fleet
The flagship cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Moskva” has entered Sevastopol Bay. In this example, since 2008, Russia has been testing the launch of the Vulcan missile in the Black Sea due to tensions built with NATO.
Vasiliy BATANOV / Getty Images

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