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Russian Dolls’ Masked Singer ‘is a’ 90s pop idol.

Russian doll made Singer mask This season’s history as the first band to ever compete in the show. The jury played dumb and guessed it might be Sugarland, Boyz II Men, Barenaked Ladies, Savage Garden, or even Devo in those wide-eyed wooden vessels … but Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg. The judges who won the Golden Ears certainly remember those beautiful fraternal harmony. From when the former teenage idol doll plays unplugged on her 1997 MTV variety show.

Those instantly identifiable voices have not undergone any Peter Brady style change over the years, and fans of the trio, or “Fanson,” they are well known to remember. Immediately when producers made a big mistake in the leak. One of the Russian Dolls shows at the beginning of March. And in Wednesday̵

7;s top five episode, after host Nick Cannon attempted to unscrew the dome head, perhaps the heaviest and most cumbersome costume on. Singer mask The hatched history of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson looks just as cute as they do in them. TRL Wealth.

Hanson was never a compatible “boyband”. They wrote songs and played their own instruments. But the youngest brother Zack joked, “You know, we’ve never been on stage wearing a matching outfit. But I think this might be Does it turn out to be something you know? ”Said middle brother Taylor, who lied,” You want us more in spandex, that’s what you’re trying to say, right? ” I don’t mind)

I think the doll should come to an end. They’re the most mixed contestants of Season 5 – one week fresh from Bruno Mars or Jason Derulo banger (the latter’s song sounds weird, like the 2020 soul-pop single of Hanson “Nothing But a Love Song”), which airs next week. Ally and Jackson, Maine on “Shallow,” and this week will feature Beefeaters in Elton glasses and feather boas on “I’m Still Standing,” an underwhelming number at the Brit Awards of the week. this

I am disappointed that the Russian Dolls no longer stand and will not advance to next week’s top four semi-finals. But at least they Singer mask run proves that Hanson is much more than that. (Which has been in business for an incredible 29 years!) More than just “MMMBop,” Taylor said, “You are always seen as a certainty. People think they know what you are and [it’s nice] To be able to start with the music and focus on singing and saying ‘Hey, you don’t know what’s behind this.’

It might not be a coincidence on the same day as them. Singer mask Revealed, Hanson announced the upcoming seventh studio album. Against the worldIt will be released as seven consecutive monthly singles throughout the year starting with “Annalie”. In the meantime, I think the identity of the remaining top four contestants is as clear as the dolls, but Here’s a primer:

The Black Swan “thinks out loud”

OK, I want the black swan to sing at my white wedding. This is the sweet and alluring cover of Ed Sheeran, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny’s first dance reception. They both shrieked, and Nicole added, “That voice ran, those commercials! “You just killed it. Tonight is your stage. ”All the judges gave the Swan Song to stand and applaud. I think with Hanson right now, this is the season the Black Swans will lose.

clue: She has a “career disappointment”, is linked to Cher and Oprah Winfrey, and has recently received a long-overdue “major recognition”. Past visual clues include Montana and New Hampshire, a “I’m Too Late!” Sign and a talent contest. She also discussed upbringing by a single mother, the legal battles that knocked out her childhood career and broke the chart-topping record set by her idol Mariah Carey.

Referee’s guess: Dua Lipa, Normani

I guess: This is the JoJo shown on Oprah At the age of 8 and a huge fan of Cher, her 2006 single “Too Little, Too Late” surpassed Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy” by her most profiling in the top three on the Billboard Hot 100. Spent part of her childhood. (With her only mother) in New Hampshire; She fought with her record label, Blackground, for years. She competes The most gifted child in America; And she was originally supposed to be playing the role of Hannah Montana. And that stuffed bunny is the “JoJo” pun as well. This is an easy conclusion to skip!

Piglet “Superstition”

In “the totally unexpected Singer mask First and foremost ”Piglet started out with a traditional opera singing before continuing into a classic Stevie Wonder tune. This little piglet has a sound and sweet voice, as well as a Stevie cover, I hope. He will be stuck with Pavarotti’s impressive thing. “Pig is lit!” Exclaimed Nick Cannon.

clue: His all-time idol is Bruce Willis. He got his start in 1990 and he has an enviable “public relationship”. Past clues include a secret birthmark on the side of his head, a connection with Miami Dolphins’ Dan Marino, a vampire tooth, cotton candy and a barbecue.

Referee’s guess: Justin Timberlake, Jeremy Renner, Nick Lachey

I guess: This is Bruce Willis, the superficial Nick Lachey, who has a secret birthmark, married “A Public Affair” singer Jessica Simpson on MTV’s. Wedding coupleStarred in a vampire horror movie Rise: Blood HunterUsed to work at an amusement park (Who served cotton candy) used to tour with Dan Marino and was a member of the 90s boy band 98 Degrees Oh – and the sound of piggy. exactly Like Lachey, even while singing an opera.

Yeti “Bless the Broken Road”

Last week, this offensive performer made an old-school hip-hop track It Takes Two, but this week he took a very different road. “That’s beautiful. You took it all back, and it was so sincere, ”sighed Nicole. Rap, country music, rollerblades, like Russian Dolls, seem like there’s nothing Yeti can’t do. I bet he can pull off an opera if he tries. And we haven’t seen any of Yeti because he should have made a surprise in the semifinals. “He showed the most variety,” noted Nicole.

clue: Diddy “helped him get to the top” and was his “greatest inspiration”. We also heard the words “step up,” “quadruple threat” and “panelists” in past episodes. It was learned that Yeti had a daughter, and we saw corn, the letters “ABCD” (“D” highlighted), donuts, New Year’s Eve party supplies, and the word “love”.

Referee’s guess: Channing Tatum, Twista, Ne-Yo

I guess: This is “Ice Box” singer, dynamite dancer and father of Omarion who started his career with Diddy. Love and hip hop, You get usedAnd an advertisement for Corn Pops and was a panelist in America’s Best Dance Team (or ABDCThe New Year picture references his former B2K boy band (Boys of the New Millennium) and an O-shaped donut as the theme song for his solo album title. O!Also, Yeti sounds a lot like Omarion, these ’90s teen heartbreaking songs have a really outstanding sound!

Chameleon “Let go like it’s hot”

This lizard has an attitude! This is really hot, hot, hot. “Oh, I’m like the MTV Music Awards there, it’s crazy,” Nicole said. Chameleon is not a vocalist. (And because of that alone, he was supposed to go home before the Russian Dolls), but he’s always been the perfect singer of this season.

clue: He is Martha Stewart’s friend, he is “not a singer”, he has a background in acting and his heroine is Jackie Chan. In the past we saw orange slices, toy planes, captain hats, martial arts. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Black and Yellow Taxi Wings We also know he was nominated for a Golden Globe and was a “soldier boy”.

Referee’s guess: Blake Griffin, Young Thug or the real Snoop Dogg.

I guess: This is not Snoop, but Wiz Khalifa, Doggfather’s friend and collaborator.Wiz is a fan of Jackie Chan, a member of Taylor’s gang, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and muay thai expert and behind-the-scenes recording artist. “This Plane” “Captain” “Black and Yellow” Ninja Turtles Theme “Chicken and Cheese” that has been nominated for the Globe Awards “See You Again” and a mixtape. Kush & Orange JuiceOkay.

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