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Russian fighters harass Dutch warships in the Black Sea: Ministry of Defense

  • The Dutch Ministry of Defense said that Russian warplanes attacked a frigate in the Black Sea last Thursday.
  • The incident lasted for several hours and was allegedly associated with mocking, raids on warships and jamming.
  • An incident involving a Dutch frigate happened with a British destroyer.
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Russian fighters harassed the Dutch frigate HNLMS Eversten in the Black Sea for hours last week. The Dutch Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday.

during the incident which lasted about 5 hours last Thursday. Russian fighters armed low-flying air-to-surface missiles and shut down warships. Simulate a Dutch navy ship attack.

The Dutch warship also suffered a jam that partially disrupted the onboard electronics. said the Ministry of Defense

The ship’s commander said in a statement that Eversten was sailing in international waters. He argued that there was no reason for the observed Russian action. which he called “Irresponsible and insecure”

“Evertsen has every right to sail there,” said Ankh Bijleveld-Shoten. The Dutch defense minister said, according to translation from Reuters, she said there was “no reason for such aggressive action. which increases the likelihood of unnecessary accidents.”

Russian warplanes threaten Dutch warship HNLMS Eversten

Russian warplanes threaten Dutch warship HNLMS Eversten

Dutch Ministry of Defense

The Netherlands frigate Eversten is attached to a multinational carrier group led by the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and has patrolled the Black Sea with the British Navy destroyer HMS Defender.

last wednesday Russian fighter jets fly over British destroyers in the Black Sea. The maneuvers are sometimes used that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said. “Unsafe and unprofessional”

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed warning fires and bombs were fired in the path of British destroyers. which Russia says has entered Russian waters It is claimed to be caused by the Russian annexation of Crimea and is not widely known.

Although the UK Ministry of Defense disputes the Russian version of the incident. arguing that there were no firings or bombs. Russia still sticks to the story and threatens to bomb. “Targeted” in case of another invasion

The latest drama on the Black Sea comes just days before massive US-Ukraine-led exercises. Sea Breeze 21 is the largest annual exercise since it first began 27 years ago and involves 32 countries. 5,000 military personnel, 32 ships and 40 aircraft.

Training that started on Monday Although Russia is against the exercises.

“We are showing the world that the Black Sea is a universal sea,” Capt. Kyle Gantt, U.S. Army officer and deputy commander of Task Force 65, said Tuesday, according to Stars and Stripes.

“Open and ready for the free transport of commerce. Transportation for all countries,” he said, adding that “it does not belong to any one country.”

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