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Ryan Dorsey tears up while visiting Naya Rivera’s grave.

Ryan Dorsey, Naya Rivera’s ex-husband, was photographed in tears while visiting the Grave of the “Glee” star in Los Angeles on her 34th birthday.

Dorsey, 37, was betrayed at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, where celebrities like Bett Davis and Bill Withers were included. With the “Station 19” actor clutching a small bouquet of sunflowers he left with Rivera and covering his face as he left the cemetery.

Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera in 2014.
Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera in 2014.

Rivera was drowned in July while visiting with his son on Lake Piru in Southern California. Although a strong swimmer But Rivera struggled with aggravated vertigo in the water and she became confused while swimming, although she was able to bring her son Josay back onto the boat before she disappeared.

Dorsey filed a wrongful death sentence on behalf of Josey in November against the management of Ventura County Parks and Recreation and the United Water Reserve.In it, he claimed Rivera’s death could be prevented. Yes, and the boat she leased does not have any floating equipment required by California law – it does not meet Coast Guard safety standards.

In September, Dorsey, who was married to Rivera from 2014 to 2018, broke down a “nonsense tale” related to the nature of his relationship with Ricca’s sister, La Rivera. Vera, who moved with him to help take care of Chosey.

“[Josey] Ask me if Titie is with us ‘I want Titi to be with us forever’ because now she is the closest thing to mom. Dorsey said in an emotional video he posted on Instagram.

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