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SAG Awards To Be Hour-Long, Pre-Taped

Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images for Turner.

This is… a good place or not? Variety reported today that the SAG Awards will air an hour ahead of the show this year, as opposed to other awkward remote programs that won during the outbreak. Perhaps, in response to this weekend’s Golden Globes, full of accidents, technical challenges and overall creepiness, the SAG Awards will keep the celebration to a minimum instead of maximizing the safety of the COVID-19 special. It aired on April 4 on TNT and TBS, and will feature SAG’s signature “I Am an Actor” speech and funny elements during the 13 awards show and the “In Memoriam” section, all of which will be predetermined. We’re trying to do a unique award ceremony in an hour and let people talk, which they hardly do. [with an awards show]”Man, I wish we had more,” said producer Todd Milliner. Variety. The nominees will still be placed in the awkward jailbreak room to announce the winners. But since everything is predetermined, they’ll know the results days before the rest of the world (but maybe we’ll still get some weird Zoom interactions before the show cut into commercials) overall: it’s a net positive. ?

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