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Salt Lake County residents frustrated by COVID-19 vaccine registration issues

The district mayor apologized for the failure of the Department of Health’s website.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Davis County School District began vaccinating COVID-19 Pfizer to teachers at Davis County Legacy Center in Farmington on Tuesday, Jan. 1

2, 2021, Utah. I got a problem while they tried to register. Go online to get vaccinated in Salt Lake County Wednesday, when county residents 70 and older can begin booking appointments.

Salt Lake County Health Department’s online registration for COVID-19 vaccination hit a major problem Wednesday morning, frustrating and unhappy with the elderly and their families.

When the registration opened on Wednesday, “Tens of thousands of people tried to load the Salt Lake County Health Department’s COVID vaccination registration form concurrently. It was unable to accommodate that quantity,” district officials wrote in a statement. “After working with the system programmer quickly, the form goes up and the reservation is made before 9:00 AM.”

At 10 a.m., there were 30,000 slots registered, 30,000, 15,042, about 70,000 residents aged 70 and over in Salt Lake County.

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“The number of appointments depends on the number of drugs we have been told we are expected to receive,” Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson said in a statement.

“Thank you for your patience. The health department will continue to work with the system programmers to prevent such problems in the future, ”the statement read.

Residents are a nuisance to those waiting for vaccine access.

“It was tough,” said Salt Lake City native Jen Kious. “I waited with a faint breath to try and get two 80-year-old parents. I woke up at 8am, but it still didn’t work.

Kenneth Sperling says that filling out most online forms is “straightforward,” but “the problem is that when you go to the bottom and go to the registration, it says” it’s straightforward. ” ‘Pick a visit date’, there is no field in the form for visit date. “

“You fill in all the information, you hit submit, and then you’re stuck in cyberspace,” he said.

Kious experienced the same problem and so on.She said she forgot to enter her parents’ gender and it was flagged – and when she tried to add this, all other information she had previously entered was deleted.

Kious said she saw the change on the page while trying to register. “They’re trying to fix it very clearly.”

In an effort to register later, she said the visitation day request occurred before the rest of the form. “But when we reached the end and hit register it gave an error message saying ‘The maximum number for this is a date.’ Obviously it gave us a full time. ”

When she tried another day, she received a message saying that she was registered, “So I don’t know if I am registered or not…. They worked unbelievably hard during this outbreak. I don’t want to criticize them. But it is very frustrating because I do my best to protect my parents. ”

Diane Orr said the process was “unclear” for seniors trying to enroll. “I’m 76, but I am trying to help people in the ’80s. Everyone tried to phone this morning. But of course the work is busy “

She took the seven octagonists to the county website. But they faced the same problem. “People are baffled, you fill out a form and don’t have information on where to go from there,” Orn said.

Sperling said he was able to complete the registration by about 9:15 p.m. Orn said she had been in constant trouble until noon.

John Keahey, a former Salt Lake Tribune employee, had a similar problem. “When I finished my form it would tell me that my chosen time was busy,” he said. “I responded two or three times in response. Text ‘Not available’ and when I selected the third message, the form disappeared. Do not know whether registered or not. No indication “

Keahey said he believed he could sign up next time before 10am, “but in confusion, I didn’t save the date I chose, finally accepting it” – a problem Kious has encountered as well, Keahey hopes. That the county health department will send email alerts

The Salt Lake County Health Department’s Facebook page is full of complaints about its online registration system. Some people posted that they believed it eventually passed and received a confirmation email – but the comments included

• “Terrible planning for this. They should be aware that thousands of people want to register for the vaccine. But the form didn’t work and the phone number was busy. “

• “I am elderly and suffer from serious chronic heart disease, do better”

• “Just pray, it works”

• “It is very busy. I hope Salt Lake County will be more prepared.”

Vaccine scheduling appears to be chaotic across the state as of Wednesday morning, the Weber-Morgan Health Department website won’t open at all.

The Bear River Health Department website reports that the first clinic for patients aged 70 and older was Jan. 14 – before the Jan. 18 announced by the state – but the clinic is full and the department doesn’t plan to announce injections. Additional vaccines Date on wednesday

The Utah County website reports it will begin scheduling vaccinations for patients aged 70 and up until 6 p.m. Wednesday, but below the announcement is a link to the 70-plus vaccine clinic at birth. Already on Wednesday, which is also full

The Utah Department of Health posted a link to vaccine registration. But a registration code is required to continue and no registration code is immediately displayed on the website.

Utah’s Southeastern Health Department posted a link to the vaccination schedule indicating that all appointments had been completed Wednesday morning.

The health authorities of Tooele County and the Tri-County area of ​​northeastern Utah both direct website users to the state’s general vaccine information page, which does not allow patients to schedule vaccines. The San Juan County Health Department website, which Google says has expired security certificates, also links back to state websites.

Only in Wasatch County, which is scheduling phone appointments, and Summit County, which schedules by email only, tried to schedule vaccines less than a stalemate.

Tribune will update this developing story.

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