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Samsung’s next flagship Exynos processor will feature an AMD GPU.

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  • Samsung has confirmed that the next generation of flagship Exynos chipsets will have AMD GPUs.
  • The company made a big announcement at the launch of the Exynos 2100
  • This points to the AMD GPU in the 2022 flagship Galaxy S line.

Samsung and AMD announced a partnership to develop mobile GPUs in 2019, aiming to offer better performance than the current Arm Mali GPU and close Qualcomm’s gap.

The Korean company recently released the Exynos 2100 processor, which will power the Galaxy S21 phones in select markets, but the new processor still uses Arm’s Mali graphics instead of AMD power. LSI revealed at the launch event that the “next-generation flagship product” will feature a “new generation mobile GPU” by AMD (skip to 12:48).

Samsung Semiconductor clarified with Android authority That it means the next flagship Exynos processor, rather than the next flagship phone.

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“By ‘next flagship product’ Dr. Kang represents Exynos,” a company spokesperson told us, adding that it could not clarify specific devices that will use the next generation of processors.

However, confirmation that Samsung’s next flagship Exynos processor will use AMD GPUs means we can expect it to land in 2022.In other words, it looks like the Galaxy S22 series will be able to provide AMD graphics next year.

It’s too early to tell if an Exynos processor with AMD graphics will deliver top-tier GPU performance. But the first attempt will be the foundation for future efforts.

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