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San Francisco Forty Niners End of offseason program after injury

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Two days after losing a contributor to a season-end injury during a team event that organized the San Francisco 49ers, the team called it the offseason.

Coach Kyle Shanahan announced Wednesday that the Niners will no longer have an OTA and is canceling the full team minicamp, which is scheduled to run June 15-17.

Shanahan said minicamp cancellations were planned before the injury, although he canceled the planned eighth OTA in part because of them.

“We’re done,” Shanahan said. “My plan is to play eight. Then I’ll surprise them on Thursday and take everyone to a bowling alley. But after our seventh rehearsal with those two injuries and just the aura it gave, I won̵

7;t come back to do it again. again to do one more thing, so I surprise them on the 8th instead of the 9th.”

Although the 49ers finished only seven of the 10 possible OTA sessions, Shanahan was pleased with the product. up to one point The only defense, D Ford, was not in the building. While he continued rehab for a back injury.

Shanahan said, “Having 89 men here and undergoing seven OTA training in it. I feel great.”

On Monday, the 49ers lost offensive lineman Justin Skule and safety Tarvarius Moore to a torn ACL and torn Achilles respectively. Shanahan said those injuries occurred over the course of three rounds.

those injuries Along with a torn meniscus of Jeff Wilson Jr., who was injured on May 20 in the team’s locker room after a workout. Following in the footsteps of the injured 49ers 2020 season, they lost 161.6 games per injury. Second-most of any team in the last 20 years according to Football Outsiders’ lost game count (which includes players missing games due to COVID-19).

Repeated injuries from the line-up and key players have left Shanahan and general manager John Lynch vow to find answers to their health concerns this season. This includes some modifications to the draft grade. which emphasizes more durability And sign independent agents who are available to play more often than not.

That doesn’t mean the training camp will have a completely different look, Shanahan said.

Shanahan said, “We evaluate things. And always doing new things. “I think we change every year. Sitting and saying we’re going to training camp is different because someone got out of a chair because someone was injured in the air and another had a knee injury playing football.” It’s pretty irresponsible for me and it’s a reaction. very serious Just try to do what is right for us and do it as safely as possible.”

When asked how he could find the balance between keeping players healthy and keeping them in shape like football, Shanahan noted that the Niners had four players seriously injured last offseason when they were away. from the place He also pointed out that abbreviated training camps have helped players stay healthy this season. But it doesn’t seem to help them stay that way when the game starts.

“One thing I know, just being around for 19 years, you have to play football to prepare for football. And the more football you play You just get better. And the longer you can do it,” Shanahan said.

The 49ers are scheduled to start camp on July 31. Shanahan said the Niners plan to train with the Los Angeles Chargers in the week leading up to the Aug. 22 warm-up meeting.

As for how the COVID-19 restrictions will affect the team, Shanahan said 52 of the 91 players on the roster have been vaccinated. That’s not enough of the 85% needed for teams to run their business in a manner similar to what they did before the pandemic, but Shanahan hopes the 49ers will get to 77 or more vaccinated players first. where the camp starts

“It’s a different decision for everyone. especially for religious reasons,” Shanahan said. “…I just hope we can. Because I don’t want to wear a mask here. And would like to have a team meeting in our regular conference room and have a hangout too. together when we go to the hotel, so hopefully it works.”

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