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San Francisco leaders clash over time to open mass coronavirus vaccination sites.

As California struggles to fix slower vaccine launches, a number of vaccination sites are being offered across the state, including Levi’s Stadium, Oakland Coliseum and Disneyland Park in Anaheim and Dodger Stadium in Anaheim. Los angeles

However, no announcement was made in San Francisco – it has disappointed at least one commenter.

“Let’s make this happen in SF,” tweeted supervisor Matt Haney, “it could be at Oracle at Kezar at many sites across the city used for testing. We can – it’s time for widespread distribution of this vaccine in SF and beyond, led by our Ministry of Health. ”

The city is looking for a number of vaccination sites and is specifying “many”

; that could serve as a large distribution point, according to London Breed Mayor and Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax said at a news conference Tuesday, neither she nor Colfax said any venue might play the role. They said there was not enough vaccine. But still need a large area

Breed and Colfax also said that setting up a larger facility for vaccine distribution would not serve people in need of the vaccine most, whether homeless, uninsured or undocumented at the start of the launch.

“It can’t be one big site,” says Breed. “One of the lessons we have learned from our testing system is that we have to work with our community partners and meet the communities most affected in the field. Where they are “

So far, the health department has distributed 22,150 doses of the vaccine to San Francisco hospitals, Laguna Honda hospital and small community clinics, a spokesman said Tuesday.Of those, 9,259 people have been administered.

Surgeon Varinder Phangureh received a second dose of Pfizer vaccine from nurse Sara Gallagher (right) at St. Rose Hospital on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in Hayward, Calif.  They gave both the first and second doses of the vaccine.

The first people to be eligible for the vaccine under state guidelines are those who work in hospitals and people who work or live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Colfax said San residents. Some Franciscans who are in the next level – those 65 and older – will receive the vaccine this week.

The city wants to look first to localized community sites to vaccinate people who may fall into the city’s healthcare problem, Breed said. San Francisco is specifying “multiple sites”. That can be used as a large distribution point, said Breed.

Colfax also said the city does not have enough vaccines at the moment to demonstrate the opening of a large site.

“When we have enough vaccines to meet the needs of many vaccination sites, we expect to have that website available,” Colfax said.

But Haney, who contacted by phone on Tuesday, said. It was “unbelievably inappropriate and inaccurate” for departments to delegate private service providers with distribution. But he said they should be held responsible for the widespread disruption in the city. He suggested the city should open a number of merchandise locations, like those planned or considered in Oakland and Santa Clara.

Haney called for a hearing on the city’s vaccine distribution plan at a meeting of the Supervisory Board on Tuesday. The supervisor itself, a critic at the city’s health ministry, has no direct authority to change the city’s strategy of distributing extremely limited vaccines because it ultimately depends on the state and local ministries of health.

Still, he called for a more aggressive launch in San Francisco, saying there should be, for example, a “large area on the mission” where Latinos were severely affected by the virus.

The San Francisco Department of Health was “Explicitly postponing this responsibility in ways that other counties are not,” he said. “They will have to change this .. If people don’t have a site like they used to test for COVID, they won’t work.

The health department declined to comment on Haney’s criticisms on Tuesday.

Michael Williams and Trisha Thadani are writers for the San Francisco Chronicle team, email: michael.williams@sfchronicle.com; tthadani@sfchronicle.com.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the state of the sites at Oakland Coliseum and Levi’s Stadium.Talking to turn them into a mass vaccination facility is ongoing.

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