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San Jose shootings: Mourners gathered at City Hall to show their community was not destroyed after shooting left nine dead.

Nine people who died — Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63; Adrian Balleza, 29; Alex Ward Fitch, 49; Jose de Jesus Hernandez III, 35; Lars Kepler Lane 63; Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40; Paul de la Cruz, Megia, 42; Tapes Singh 36; and Timothy Michael Romo, 49, was a colleague at the VTA plant where another employee opened fire with multiple weapons on Wednesday.

And it feels personal for VTA employees who say there’s a special closeness in their community.

Kenneth Darden, who has operated the VTA for about 20 years, said employees were well known. He said he was numb as he wondered: How can we prevent this from happening again?

“I don̵

7;t think we can come together as a nation and understand the importance of gun violence. and its impact on so many families across the country over the years,” Darden said. But this is the United States. We should be able to work together and resolve this issue.”

Karman Singh arrived at the town hall with a bouquet of flowers to mourn his brother Taptejdeep Singh, but he said he was there to honor the other victims as well.

“He thinks they are family. And his family is my family,” Singh said, adding that he wanted “Show people so much strength that no one dares to try to destroy anyone. to walk into a place where there are ten people and drive them out one by one.”

Karman Singh loses big brother in mass shooting

The sniper shoots with three weapons. officials said

On Thursday’s surveillance, some held placards calling for an end to gun violence.

“Every country has mentally ill people. But only the United States has mass shootings. The reason is GUNS+NRA,” Brian Haberly’s badge reads.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said the gunman Identified as a VTA employee, it carries three semi-automatic pistols and 32 high-capacity magazines.
The Great Debate on Gun Violence

The weapons he used in the massacre were obtained and legally registered, San Francisco FBI Special Agent Craig Fair said in an interview Thursday with C.C. Josh Campbell. N.N.

Fair said he believed all pistols were used during the attack. Noticing that one of the weapons was caught during the shooting fun.

according to preliminary information The shooter appeared to be targeting his victims when he fired 39 rounds, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith told CNN.

during the rampage The gunman told local union officials who were present. But not working for the VTA, “I’m not going to shoot you,” the sheriff told CNN.

A witness told CNN affiliate KGO that he believed the shooter had shunned certain people and appeared to pick who he shot.

“He… targeted some people. He walked past other people,” VTA official Kirk Bertolet told KGO Wednesday night. “He left others alive while he shot others.”

The gunman “killed himself in front of officers,” Smith told CNN. She said she believed the swift response of law enforcement officers had saved many lives.

    Mourners wept as they looked at the memorial to the nine VTA shooting victims during a vigil at the San Jose City Hall.

He was a disgruntled employee.

Federal investigators did not find any statements or writings indicating a motive. But it noticed that local law enforcement was exploring the suspect’s presence on social media for clues.

But Smith said the gunman “Very dissatisfied”

“Based on the latest developments in the investigation We can say that the suspect was a very disgruntled VTA employee for years. That may have contributed to why he was targeting VTA employees,” the sheriff’s office said at a news conference on Thursday.

The detective agency is continuing to conduct interviews and is reviewing video and cell phone evidence in hopes of determining the motive for the shooting. The sheriff’s office said

Here's what we know about the San Jose Railroad shooting.
In 2016, Cassidy was brought in for secondary background checks on his return from a trip to the Philippines. and US Customs and Border Protection officials. A notebook full of hateful messages was found against his employer. A Department of Homeland Security official confirmed to CNN. This record was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

There seems to be no follow-up action after the search. officials said

His ex-wife Cecilia Nelms told CNN affiliate Bay Area News Group that Cassidy was unhappy with his job.

Nelms was married to Cassidy for about 10 years until the couple filed for divorce in 2005. She had not been in contact with her ex-husband for about 13 years.

He frequently ranted about his colleagues and supervisors. and sometimes sending anger at her, Nelms tells the way out.

When the two were married, he was “not satisfied with what he saw as an unfair assignment” and “would complain about his work when he got home,” she said.

Pay your respects in the plaza at San Jose City Hall during a vigil over nine shooting victims.

911 calls an hour after seeing the shooter arrive.

CCTV footage showed the gunmen arriving at the site around 5:30 p.m. local time, Fair said.

About an hour later, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputy Russell Davis said.

Minutes after officers were informed of the shooting. Firefighters were also called to the fire at the suspect’s home, Sheriff Smith told CNN. It was not immediately clear how the fire started.

The San Jose gunman appeared to be specifically targeting his victims, the sheriff said.

Fair, an FBI agent told CNN that investigators had discovered an intact Molotov cocktail. which is made of paint thinner and alcohol and various weapons at Cassidy’s house. No explosives were found in his locker.

CNN’s Josh Campbell, Sarah Moon, Geneva Sands and Dan Przygoda contributed to this report.

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