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Sandy, captain of the Bravo team. Telling heart attack, begging others to ‘learn the signs’

Anyone who has watched just a few minutes of “Below Deck Mediterranean” knows that working on a large yacht comes with moments of stress and sometimes even death. But for Captain Sandy Yawn, one of the scariest moments of her life. It happened a few years ago in a spin class.

At the time, Yawn was 49 and was on the verge of her 50th birthday when she began experiencing what she knew was a heart attack during a SoulCycle class.

“I feel like I can’t swallow. And I was like, ‘This isn̵

7;t normal,’ and I noticed that my heart rate wasn’t going down — it was going up,” she said in an interview with TODAY.

Although many people know that chest pain is a sign of a heart attack. But there are other common symptoms, such as changes in the exercise regimen that women should be aware of.

“I keep saying ‘I don’t want to die I don’t want to die.'”

Yao said she only knew that the symptoms she had were indicative of a heart attack because she heard a friend of hers, a cardiologist, talk about them.

in an effort not to disturb the spinning class. Yawning and slipping out of the room when class ended, she called an Uber to take her to the hospital as her left arm became numb.

What Women Want to Know About Heart Health

Yao said one thing she learned from listening to her friends was what to say after arriving at the hospital. Because, she said, panic attacks can be confused with a heart attack.

“You walked up and said ‘I had a heart attack. Now I need an EKG,’” she said.

Yawn learned that she had experienced spontaneous coronary artery dissection. This is an accidental tear of the coronary artery wall. SCAD is rare, but may be more common in women after giving birth. Patients tend to be healthy. Often without risk factors for heart disease, the American Heart Association says.

“I keep saying ‘I don’t want to die I don’t want to die’ and I will never forget. You should get immediate relief if they put a stent in it. but they can’t Stent because I have tears So I didn’t get relief right away. I was in pain. I was in the hospital for four days,” Hao recalled.

She later learned that she had high blood pressure. which she called She was known as the “silent killer for women” and began taking Adderall two weeks ago to help her focus. She said those factors combined with “Intense exercise” gave her a heart attack.

“Learn the signal Learn numbers, blood pressure, learn those numbers. and check yourself And if you have feelings… Go to the hospital,” Yao said, before adding one in three women died every year of heart disease.

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The Bravo star said both her father and mother, a smoker, died of a heart attack. Yawn, now 56, said she had always been on a healthy diet. “I eat more oats. anything with a heart I eat it in the store, if it says ‘heart health’ I believe … I eat that. I don’t have high cholesterol. I don’t have any arteries.”

Hao added that she did not have heart disease and that she had a “very good heart”.

while on a boat during the chartering season She finds time between her captain duties to exercise.

Besides walking a lot especially going up and down stairs. She said she had an exercise ball in her room. where she will do push-ups and sit-ups too

“Honestly, you’ve been exhausted all day,” she says. “Exercise is not easy. Many of these ships have gyms. If you have the energy, go to one place and swim — jump in the water and play on your lap. If for 30 minutes a day, I’ll do it. I do it in my room or I’ll go for a swim.”

A new season brings a new team — and new drama.

“Below Deck Mediterranean” is kicking off its sixth season on Monday night. And this year, fans can watch the beginning of the week at Peacock.

The first episode is full of drama with the chef who wants the entire crew to step up in a new way when the first guest of the season gets on board.

Below the Mediterranean Deck - Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

Below the Mediterranean Deck – Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

“We are always in crisis mode … I love how people come together. And I don’t even have to ask them. They can help … I would love to witness this,” Yawn said.

Han said the consequences of the problems the chef had during the first charter were “terrible”, without telling him what happened.

“Customers are not satisfied. That’s right, but we can manage. And you know it works.”

What Yawn likes most about her job is meeting “So many amazing people” including her team members from all over the world. and learn about their culture She also appreciates when people really want to make the maritime industry their profession.

As fans know, this is the first season without new head steward Hannah Ferrier, Katie Flood, crashing into the ground.

“One of the things I really liked about Katie was that she stepped off the boat to the other boat – so she had the idea of ​​chartering it fully,” Yawn said. The way she handled the first charter for me was like, ‘Oh wow, she’s actually a really good steward.’ She did a good job. She is a great bartender.”

Below the Mediterranean Deck - Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

Below the Mediterranean Deck – Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

“Hannah is done,” she added. “She wants to have children. Now she is living her dream.”

One familiar face that returns in another season is Boson Malia White, who faces a yawn in the teaser for the new season.

Yawn described White as “excellent” and “excellent” and said, “She was on that ladder. And you’ve got there.” But the additions could lead to a collision.

“Sometimes you do something that upsets the captain. and she is angry with me I’m so upset i am human And I think people forget that we have limitations too. And we were angry too, and she really pissed me off,” Yawn said.

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If Yawn ever had a chance to appear on another Bravo show, And she noticed that her loyalty was clearly in the “Below Deck Med.” She would choose a franchise known for a different customer service.

“I have to work. You know. I want to be a salesman. I guess ‘Millionaire List’.”

“Below Deck Mediterranean” airs Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. or stream the week’s episode with Peacock Premium.

Bravo and Peacock are part of TODAY’s parent company NBCUniversal.

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