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‘Saturday Night Live’ has been hit by sketches mocking the coronavirus vaccine hesitation in the black community.

“Saturday Night Live” is catching backlash for the latest sketch on vaccine hesitation in the black community.

This week’s episode features “Judas and the Black Messiah” actor Daniel Kaluuya as moderator, who opens his monologue with a racist joke in the British royal family. He later participated in a sketch where the now smelly doctor and the black people weeped community.

This sketch shows Kaluuya playing a doctor and host for a game show called His family members, played by Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, Ego Nodim and Punkie Johnson, were paid a hefty sum just to agree to a COVID-19 vaccine.

In the sketch, Kaluuya’s character begins by offering his four family members $ 500 to get the vaccine. As the sketch went on, the total amount finally reached $ 20,000. But that̵

7;s not enough to ease family members’ reluctance to get the vaccine, despite the fact that nearly 100 million people are receiving the drug in the United States.


One family member noted that he would start taking pictures when the white people began to photograph. When he was informed that many people had been shot, he argued that “You can’t trust white people”

The character’s aunt reduced the dose because she said she read on Facebook that Christians could not get the vaccine. Meanwhile, another relative said he would have done a number of hostile things against the coronavirus, such as a big reunion, if he was awarded the bounty. But still refusing to get the vaccine, although the risk is very high.

As Insider said, it wasn’t long before some doctors mocked the sketches of negative portrayals of the black community, including undermining work done to spread vaccine awareness and community availability. The CDC’s report was disproportionately affected. The big outbreak.

“How did this fight get on air,” Uché Blackstock, founder of Advancing Health Equity, tweeted in response to the sketch. “It’s a huge problem – making fun of black people rejecting vaccines, especially without any context – past and ongoing racism in and out of healthcare facilities. Now, you all should. Know better “

Benjamin Thomas, an emergency medicine physician, noted that many in the black community did not hesitate. But the vaccine is not available in their area.

“This is funny @nbcsnl. Playing with convention and general speaking is a dangerous game, especially when 75,000 blacks have lost their lives with # COVID19,” he wrote. 80% need vaccination >>> Vaccine Hesitancy “

“This panic is irresponsible, as it continues to make the difference to vaccines even further as black Americans ignore a good laugh and show that black healthcare providers are scammers. Physician Krys Foster wrote on Twitter. “The more I think about it, the more my stomach changes.”

Medical experts weren’t the only ones unhappy with the “SNL” sketch, with a large audience flocking to Twitter to express their displeasure with the black community’s portrayal.


Daniel Kaluuya stars in a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch about vaccine hesitation in the black community.

Daniel Kaluuya stars in a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch about vaccine hesitation in the black community.
(Will Heath / NBC)

“Since my governor drives the narrative that most of my Black District people don’t need a vaccine, this isn’t the best panic on a show like SNL,” one viewer wrote.

“There are a lot of people, not just blacks, who are skeptical of the vaccine, why the focus is only on blacks. This could easily include other members of the SNL by doing so. All feelings about it are racism. Another added.

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“I was angry AF about the SNL sketch because I followed a number of black doctors who worked tirelessly to get accurate vaccine information to the black community. It was a cheap and unintended picture,” said the third party.

“Rich white people are coming into the black neighborhood to get the limited vaccines we have and SNL plays with racist stereotypes …” another wrote.

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As of Tuesday morning, the new coronavirus has infected 131,843,435 people in 192 countries and territories, killing at least 2,861,677 people in the United States, including the District of Columbia. COVID-19 confirmed, with more than 30,785,415 cases and at least 555,615 deaths.

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