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Scientific American removes anti-Israel op-ed after criticism: ‘not supported by facts’

Scientific American removed the op-ed last week after criticizing allegations that Israel was training. “Vaccination Apartheid”

; and committed a “war crime” against Palestinians.

According to the New York Post on June 2, an editorial called on US educational and health care institutions to condemn the “long-standing oppression” of Palestinians by Israel. and has long used the boycott, capital withdrawal and sanctions (BDS) movement as a policy against the American allies.

The research was withdrawn after three Nobel laureates and 100 other scientists sent a letter to the magazine expressing disappointment with the decision to publish an article they wrote, “Not supported by facts”

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“In the publication of the article referred to Scientific American editors neglect appropriate editorial standards. and ignore the easily verifiable facts that oppose the author’s one-sided criticism,” the letter read. While claiming to be a scientific statement on public health This article addresses important historical and political issues that are superficially, inaccurate, and biased. This piece calls for a movement that, in our opinion, is not supported by facts.”

The letter was signed by several doctors. It accused op-ed authors, including “AfroLatinx Scholar-Activist,” of misrepresenting the facts.

“I’ve been in the editorial for many years. You can have different opinions. And you can still challenge the facts. But falsifying all facts is another matter. That’s what I object to in the article,” the op-ed detractor wrote.

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The publication of the anti-Israel screed magazine stems from an open letter signed by journalists from dozens of outlets seeking more actively criticizing coverage of the Jewish state.

According to the post’s report Observer Committee Did not notice that the 1993 Oslo Agreement mandated the Palestinian Authority to provide healthcare services to citizens. and Israel is forbidden to care unless asked. They also noted that the op-ed author was not responsible for any Hamas terrorist organization for their actions. of Israel leading to the deaths of Palestinians

The Post also reported that Sunya Butta, the magazine’s senior editor, Be a supporter of the BDS movement and has used language that critics say is a call to destroy Israel.

“Israel is an apartheid state. and Zionism is the supremacy of white people. #FreePalestine,” Butta wrote on Twitter in May. “Israel is the only supreme ally in white America,” she said in a separate tweet.


“After publication It has been decided that this opinion and analysis is outside our reporting scope. Sunya Bhutta is not involved in this opinion and analysis. We support her right to express her opinions on social media,” senior editor Laura Helmut told the Post.

Helmuth told the co-author of the letter criticizing the op-ed that the magazine would “correct [their] internal audit process”

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