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Scientists finally explain the mysterious “spider” found on Mars.

We regret to inform you that the giant spiders do not really live on Mars.

Creepy crawling

For decades, scientists have been baffled by the bizarre formations on Mars’ south pole that look like gigantic spiders.

That doesn’t mean astronomers worry that future Martian outposts will be attacked by giant extraterrestrial arthropods. But the anomalous geological formations have remained elusive for years of explanation. Live science The report, now a team of scientists from the United Kingdom, appears to have figured it out, thanks to a chunk of dry ice, a pile of soil and a machine capable of rebuilding the Martian atmosphere on Earth.

Sublime trials

Researchers hypothesized since early 2003 that the 3,300-foot “spider” was involved in either sublimation of Mars’ carbon-rich ice or the direct conversion from solid to gas. But there is no way to test it Live science report

But researchers in the UK are now able to create smaller variations in the lab by pressing dry ice against warmer sediments, according to research published last month in the journal. Scientific reportWhen they do so, in an artificial Mars-like atmosphere, the ice sublimates and drifts outward, creating leg-like trenches in the soil.

Test area

Solve the puzzle! In addition to confirming what makes Mars’ spiders, the fact that Mars-like experimental conditions have created formations like those on real Mars suggests that scientists now have powerful tools. To study the phenomena on Mars without actually needing to travel there

“This research presents the first set of empirical evidence for surface processes thought to alter polar landscapes on Mars,” Open University planetary scientist and lead author Lauren McKeown said in a press release. Experiments have directly shown that the spider patterns we observed on Mars from orbit can be sculpted by directly converting dry ice from solid to gas. ”

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