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Scientists may have lost the way of a supermassive black hole.

Outside of that, somewhere in the universe, there may be black holes that pass by, no longer at the center of the galaxy. In a journal published by the American Astronomical Society, scientists noticed that the supermassive black hole thought to be the center of Abell 1718 may no longer exist. But scientists say it could be removed from the galaxy itself due to a process known as gravitational wave contraction.

During the contraction, two adjacent black holes essentially coalesce, causing a ripple through space. In theory, these ripples could push the black hole away from its current location, according to the report. Forbes “That’s enough to kick a black hole out of all the galaxies and be long gone. It will sail through space, “Leading newspaper astronomer Kayhan Gultekin told the magazine.

In this article, the publishers of the first issue had to point out that technically may remain in their current position. They just can̵

7;t find it now, after being able to find it in the previous times.

“Still, Gultekin said it was too early to conclude that there were no supermassive black holes in A2261-BCG.” Forbes Adding, “But without it, it would be the only large galaxy yet to be discovered without a massive black hole at its center. Even our very own Milky Way supermassive black hole is relatively stable. But stay there “

In an interview with secondary Last summer, Gultekin admitted that there was much still to be learned about black holes, and solving the mystery may help answer the most striking question.

“What excites me most is learning about supermassive black holes through gravitational waves,” Gultekin said. It is happening. “

“There are a lot of things you can learn with gravitational waves about supermassive black holes as individual populations or sources, which you may find difficult or even impossible to learn with magnetic astronomy. Traditional electricity, ”he added.

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