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Scott Fitterer offers a rich experience with a track record of success.

CHARLOTTE – The Panthers offers Scott Fitterer the opportunity to take eighth choice in the 2021 NFL Draft.

He may not know what to do with the respective heights.

But of course, he has shown that he can help build a championship organization in many ways over the years.

In a general manager job offer to the Seahawks’ vice president of football operations on Thursday, the Panthers identified an assessor from the top projects helping Seattle build a solid foundation.

And while the Seahawks have recently become known for their respective trading preferences as one of the players they seized, Fitterer was at a time when they gathered champions by section. Big through body

Their 201

2 class is just the group you make a franchise, as they’ve come up with a pillar of the Super Bowl XLVIII-winning team after the 2013 season.

They used first-round qualifiers against first-round qualifier Bruce Irwin, who has been a solid professional throughout his career. The next two options have helped define for almost a decade.

Receiving line player Bobby Wagner in the second round and defender Russell Wilson in the third have given the lead on both sides of the ball that has carried the Seahawks ever since.

Seattle recently signed back-to-back quarterback Matt Flynn at offseason and a three-year, $ 26 million contract indicates they plan to get him started. (And plays well)

But Wilson was a player who had never admitted he should have waited for his turn, and it was clear that the Seahawks made the right move by picking out the 75th overall immediately.

Since then, the Seahawks have not received a score higher than 27 in the draft, partly because of their willingness to redeem them back for the collection. But it’s because they are doing really well.

The Seahawks have qualified for the playoffs eight times in the past nine seasons, and the 9-7 record in 2017 is a low-water record. They are 98-45-1 in the past nine seasons.

That is the enduring achievement the Panthers are looking for, having never enjoyed a 26-year back-to-back winning season with an all-time 200-215-1 record.

Adding someone from a successful organization is clearly part of owner’s plan, David Tepper, as the three other finalists to the event are from Chiefs, Titans (via Patriots) and 49ers (via the Broncos and Patriots). )

But the collaboration is also a big part of what Tepper sees, with Fitterer, 47, and head coach Matt Rhule, 45, in a position to add to the core of this promising young defense.

If anything, Fitterer’s time in Seattle should show that he is not rigid or locked up in his own expertise.

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