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Scripps Health hit by Cyberattack – NBC 7 San Diego

Scripps Health confirmed on Sunday their technology servers were hacked overnight, forcing healthcare systems to switch to offline charting systems and disrupting patient portals.

Scripps does not provide any information on how the cyberattack took place or what systems were affected by the breach.

The healthcare system said they withheld access to the patient portal and “Other technology applications relevant to our operations at our healthcare facilities,” but emphasize that patient care continues using “Scheduled backup process, including offline documentation”

The Scripps website was down Sunday morning and patients reported to NBC 7 that the Patient Portal was down.

Some appointments were canceled on Sunday and Monday as a result of the breach.

“We are working on the best way to notify these patients of the need for rescheduling,”

; said a statement from Scripps.

The San Diego County Emergency Services Agency (OES) said ambulances were being switched from Scripps’ facilities to other hospitals in the area but as a precautionary measure.

Scripps said the urgent ambulatory care facility at Scripps HealthExpress. And their emergency department is still open to look after.

Local law enforcement agencies, and “Reasonable government organizations” were informed about the cyberattacks, Scripps Health said.

OES said their cybersecurity experts are actively investigating.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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