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Sean McVay admits he’s in a better mood this season.


Shaun McWay, the Rams’ coach, said . . . and walked back.

During a Super Bowl host committee press conference on Thursday, McVay answered a question about what he thought about Matthew Stafford, describing his mood.

“I think I’m very happy,” McVay said with a smile via ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry. “Everyone said, ‘Man, you seem in a better mood this season,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I am.

a few hours later After the Rams̵

7; final compulsory minicamp practice, McVay’s mood changed, and he blamed the media for it. explaining that he was not trying to insult Jared Goff.

“I hate that I have to say this. But I think I made a comment that was definitely taken out of context,” McVay later said. “I’m very excited. I’m in a good mood because of the confidence I have in this team. But that doesn’t mean it’s a trivial matter for someone like Jared, who has done a great job over the past four years here. hate having to talk about that but respect him and the good things he does. [I needed to clarify]I’m in a good mood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not because we work together or just because Stafford. and i am sure So don’t twist my words when I’m not saying that.”

he said what he said And the Rams apparently believe Stafford are upgrading Goff or they won’t trade two weeks after losing in the group stage. Stafford has only made one Pro Bowl game and has never won a play-off game 0-3.

However, The Rams believe their new defender is the right defender to bring them the Lombardi Trophy.

That’s why McVay and Rams fans are in a good mood.

“This guy, he’s special,” McVay said of Stafford. “I think one of the best ways I can describe him is when you hear the people around him with the confidence to know that when he walks in. in the room You will feel his presence. But he was extremely humble about himself. Everyone likes to be near him. And he was one of those people who truly lit a fire. He made everyone around him better.”

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