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See, Tesla’s driver monitoring system detects driver attention in real time.

The new video shows Tesla’s AI-enabled driver monitoring system can detect driver attention in real time using a camera that faces the car’s cab.

Tesla’s front-facing camera has been in the car for years. But car manufacturers rarely use it.

Automakers typically use cab-facing cameras for driver monitoring while using driver assistance features such as GM with Supercruise.

However, CEO Elon Musk previously dismissed the camera-powered driver monitoring system and said Tesla would use cab-facing cameras to prevent people from smashing cars when they are automatically driven. On Tesla̵

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Last year, Tesla enabled the camera for the first time in a software update asking the automaker to take video and pictures to “Develop security features and future enhancements.”On a voluntary basis

The camera is being talked about more recently after it was revealed that Tesla removed some owners from the FSD beta program after considering they weren’t paying enough attention when using the system.

It drove some people to ask the question: If Tesla could determine the driver was not paying attention, shouldn’t it warn the driver at the moment?

But there are some who suspect that Tesla is using an AI-powered driver monitoring system based on the cabin camera because of Musk’s earlier comments, and instead thinks Tesla may have checked images from its FSD Beta program itself.

Now, the “green” Tesla hacker has released a video showing Tesla’s real-time driver monitoring system with an overlay of the cabin camera:

It checks where the driver’s eyes are looking and if there are distractions, such as using the phone.

A video of a hacker trying to trick the system with images has been published:

Tesla’s driver-front camera has been in the news recently as the Chinese army is concerned about Tesla cars on its base because it uses cameras.

This week, Tesla China released a statement on the matter, stating that the camera was not yet launched in China and linked its use to FSD Beta, which has not yet been shipped to China. (Translated from Chinese):

Recently, there was a discussion on the Internet about “Tesla examining owners through a car camera” to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings.

Vehicles used by Tesla users do not violate the privacy of the users through the in-car cameras.

All Tesla users’ cars in the Chinese market are not equipped with in-car cameras and have nothing to do with FSD Beta testing.

Tesla’s privacy policy is governed by all national laws and regulations. Like you, Tesla takes the protection of its users very seriously. We install a network security system with the world’s leading level of security to guarantee the protection of user privacy. Thanks again for your interest in Tesla.

Musk previously replied that if Tesla used its cameras to spy on countries, it would be “shut down”.

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