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See the surprising aftermath of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce

No multi-billion dollar divorce falls under the radar—let alone a $124 billion divorce.

and announced on May 3 that bill and Melinda Gates The end of their marriage after 27 years was a shock, regardless of the Microsoft co-founder and his partner in this all-time innocuous global philanthropy, this Seattle-area home has a mansion. Huge 66,000 square feet with its own beach on shores of lake washington

(Even if there is not too much space at times, such as during a pandemic. “Working from home—that̵

7;s a job that I don’t think is much of a prep for each person,” Melinda says. New York Times in october Comments now drip with a look back)

Among the questions immediately following the split: what will become the foundation of the eponymous? It has since 2000 distributed $53.8 billion to public health and development projects, including $20 billion in the pair’s Microsoft shares. How about all their money basically since one of the first behind-the-scenes details that came out about the parents of the three was that they had no prenuptial agreements?

Of course, there is a personal question, why now? What made them come to the belief, as they said in their official statement, that they could not Can we “grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives” anymore? What made their marriage become like Melinda’s petition for divorce?

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