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Selected for the Stanley Cup Finals Conn Smythe Trophy

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The 2021

Stanley Cup Finals will begin on Monday. As the Tampa Bay Lightning face off against the Montreal Canadiens. Although both teams often play against each other. in the regular season as a member of the Atlantic Division, but Game 1 will be the first time they have played this season. Because the division has been re-adjusted due to the COVID regulations.

Will The Lightning get the trophy for the second time in a row, or will the underdog Canadian keep running in glory? Also, which players will receive the Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoff MVP? Our panelists selected the items below.

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Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadians

Ben Arledge: lightning in six
Pierre Becky: lightning in six
John Bushigros: lightning in four in
Zach Chandan: canadian in six
Linda Cohn: Canadians in Seven
Emily Kaplan: lightning in seven
Nabil Karim: canadian in six
Tim Cavanah: lightning in six
Don La Greca: lightning in five
Steve Levi: Canadians in Seven
Vince Macy: lightning in seven
Victoria Mathias: lightning in six
Barry Melrose: lightning in six
Arda Ocal: Canadians in Seven
Greg Vishynski: lightning in seven

Consensus Pick: Lightning (10/15)

Conn Smythe Trophy

Ben Arledge: Braden Point
Pierre Becky: Nikita Kucherov
John Bushigros: Andrei Vasilevskiyski
Zach Chandan: Carey Price
Linda Cohn: Carey Price
Emily Kaplan: Andrei Vasilevskiyski
Nabil Karim: Carey Price
Tim Cavanah: Andrei Vasilevskiyski
Don La Greca: Braden Point
Steve Levi: Carey Price
Vince Macy: Andrei Vasilevskiyski
Victoria Mathias: Braden Point
Barry Melrose: Nikita Kucherov
Arda Ocal: Carey Price
Greg Vishynski: Andrei Vasilevskiyski

Leaders: Andrei Vasilevskiy, Carey Price (5)

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