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Sen. Hawley: Biden ultimately tried to seize civilian guns while allowing rioters and crime.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Said Thursday that President Biden had sent a message earlier in the day that he had disregarded the Second Amendment, despite the opposite remarks. Taking a gun was the real end for him.

Hawley told “The Ingraham Angle” and host Pete Hegseth that when Biden referred to the Second Amendment as a “fake” argument against gun control, he essentially admitted that he saw it as a “fake” argument. “Fake fix”

“He doesn’t believe it exists in the constitution, he clearly doesn’t believe in the right to maintain and hold arms,” ​​Hawley said.

The senator added that the plan of Biden and gun control activist David Chipman, whom he was named to head of the Tobacco and Alcohol Firearms (ATF) office, was going to “crack down”

; on the average American.

Hawley said Democrats. “Agreeing to have years of riots and say or do little about recurring gun crimes in places like Chicago, Hawley said Democrats are“ fine with criminals. [being] On the streets there are all kinds of firearms they need. “

“[They’re] With violence as long as criminals do – but when law-abiding citizens want to legally own firearms, as the Second Amendment guarantees, they are totally at a loss of mind, and that’s exactly what Biden has to offer. Repress now “

“This is really a matter of arming, this is what the Left has been wanting to do for a long time, this is what half or more of the Democratic presidential candidates ran last year in primas.” Their oval and at the end Each day, the only way to get the job done what Biden and the others want to do in the laws they proposed is to have the National Gun Register and ultimately remove firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Hawley added that Biden’s actions in this and most other things betrayed him, claiming he worked in the interests of American workers.

“From Joe Biden, a man with millions of jobs going to China, who thinks that’s a very good thing, Obama-Biden’s economic and administrative policies have made the proletarians a niche, and now he says, ‘If I Get your right to bear arms that will be good for you economically. ‘Or no, I mean it’s just insanity.’

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Hegseth pointed out that Biden’s choice for ATF chief, Chipman, made harsh comments mocking Central America, including last year’s remarks that they should hide their AR-15 “behind the canister.” Tuna and beef “and only taken out.” Zombies began to appear. “

“You’re a fool,” exclaimed the host, “but he knows better.”

Chipman also took part in the 1993 siege of the Federal Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas.

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