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Sen. Kennedy: Biden nominees like ATF’s Chipman ‘contempt America and America’

Senator John N. Kennedy, R-La., spoke at the closing Thursday after he went back and forth with Biden’s presidential nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms David Chipman, which Chipman could not define precisely. of the term “assault weapon”

Kennedy noted on “Hannity” that Chipman wanted to ban so-called assault weapons. But he could not define what he wanted to forbid.

“It’s a sad story,” he said. “The person President Biden has appointed to formulate policies for him. It’s the most radical group I’ve ever seen. These people despise America. They despise Americans.”

“They think they are smarter and more ethical than Americans who have not voted for President Biden in their opinion. They think we are all pathetic,” the lawmaker added, referring to the way Hillary Clinton famously despised the group. of society in line with Donald Trump

Chipman serving case representative For the ATF at the Davidian Branch trial in 1

994, while he was based at the Waco, Texas field office, spent more than two decades at the office.

Kennedy teased that Chipman’s constitutional amendment list would likely cross from personal liberties to military breaks.

“The copy of the Bill of Rights is from Amendments 1 to 3. I believe he does not believe in the Second Amendment. this is america You can believe what you want. But you can’t ignore the constitution when you use it. The office vows to abide by it,” Kennedy said.

“These people are really radical. I think Biden’s administration by virtue of its appointees otherwise they have a huge blind spot on the lives and problems of the American middle class.”

Kennedy also responded to his questions about NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and the first concerns raised in Congress by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Funding for suspected Wuhan lab is the starting point for coronavirus dealing with functional research.

Fauci, 80, denies the allegations.


“I know Dr. Fauci. And I respect Dr. Fauci. I am disappointed in Dr. Fauci. In many respects, he turned upside down like a catfish,” he said.

“I’m a simple person. I like breakfast and I answer straight, and he doesn’t give me a straight answer. Dodges, Bob & Toff, and adobe rope. This is serious business. People’s lives are at risk.”

“His agency He gave money to the Wuhan lab that is playing with the virus.”

Kennedy said he would like to know what other labs the U.S. taxpayer has. Provide support abroad at “Trying to build Frankenstein” through research on workability.

“I didn’t say [Fauci] Could it be… when he found out, why didn’t he phone President Biden who was raising the abyss?”

Kennedy added that Fauci’s negative feelings about Trump should not be related to the situation.

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