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Sen. Susan Collins pushes for 28 percent corporate tax rate

Medium Republican Senator Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collins Sunday Preview: Biden Enters Path to Promote Infrastructure Offer The United States has begun withdrawing from Afghanistan.Trump dramas divide the GOP, messing up the message.Here are three Republicans who voted to lift more of Trump’s methane rule. (Maine) said on Sunday she would not support the 28 percent corporate tax rate proposed in the President BidenJoe Biden, fires, smoke, floods, drought, heat storms: America needs a climate resilience strategy Sen. Susan Collins pushes corporate tax rates back 28 percent, saying jobs will disappear at Economic adviser Biden provides an infrastructure plan based on the required investments.A $ 2.25 trillion infrastructure plan says jobs will be lost.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake TapperJacob (Jake) Paul Tappersen Susan Collins pushed for a 28 percent corporate tax rate, saying jobs would go away.CNN’s Sanjay Gupta said his uncle died amid soaring COVID-19 in India, Biden met anchors on TV before staying. More together Ask Collins how much she is willing to compromise with Biden’s plan.

“At this point I think Republicans have made a reasonable proposal. But it is up to the president to argue with us, ”said Collins, noting that the cost of Biden’s latest offer totaled more than $ 4 trillion.

“That’s the amount we spent winning World War II,” Collins said. “This is a huge package when you use both the traditional core infrastructure and the expansion of the many social programs the president is supporting.”

Tapper noted that Collins has funded a corporate tax increase to help pay for Biden’s infrastructure plan, asking how much she would consider the increase.

“Let me tell you, I’m not going to support anything. I’m not going to support American businesses that pay the highest corporate tax rate among the developed countries in the world again, and unfortunately 28 percent will,” Collins said. “And that means the job will have to go abroad again, so I think we have to consider various payouts. But first we have to define the scope of the bill and we have to determine what the top line is going to be. ”

Collins said it would be “ahead of schedule” to discuss payment methods for infrastructure plans, stating that the exact amount required was not yet determined.

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