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Senate leaders Intel said the mysteriously suggestive energy attacks appeared to be on the rise.

“For nearly five years we have been aware of reports of mysterious attacks against US government personnel in Havana, Cuba and around the world. “Mark, President of the Senate Intelligence Unit Virginia Democrats and Marco Rubio of Florida’s top Republican said in a statement. “The Senate Intelligence Committee intends to conclude this issue. We have held the facts about these debilitating attacks, many of which have resulted in clinically confirmed brain injury cases and the latest in a number of cases.” Will carry out more “
The statement comes after reports this week about a possible incident on U.S. soil looks like an unseen attack affecting dozens of US diplomats abroad, which has caused a “unseen attack”. Symptoms known as “Havana syndrome” include tingling ears, dizziness, headache, and nausea. Unidentified “direction punching sound”
CNN reported for the first time this week on an incident near the White House involving National Security Council officials that happened in November, one of several events in the United States. The federal agency investigating the matter has not come to a clear conclusion about what happened or who will be responsible.
The United States has sought to make sense of the apparent attacks as diplomatic and intelligence officials in Cuba first reported shocking symptoms in 2016.It has also been reported that attacks affecting U.S. personnel in Russia and China, combined. To an event that may have happened in the US
A March report from the National Academy of Sciences found that “pulsed radio frequency energy” was the most likely cause of strange symptoms, although the report was written very carefully so as not to overshoot the findings. But it presents the strongest public evidence to date that the incident may have been an attack, referring to the suffering caused by “pulsating” or “guiding” energy.
The Pentagon and the CIA have established a task force to tackle the issue, and the State Department has appointed senior officials to lead the department’s response. CIA Director William Burns said during a confirmation hearing that he would investigate evidence of attacks on CIA personnel abroad.

“As president and vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, we welcome CIA Director Burns to focus on these attacks,” said Warner and Rubio. “Our committee will work with him and the rest of the intelligence community to better understand the technology behind the weapons responsible for these attacks. We will focus on ensuring that we protect personnel. And provide the medical and financial support that victims deserve. Ultimately, we will identify those responsible for the attacks on these American personnel and be responsible for them. ”

In addition, the House Intelligence Committee is working to resolve the issue, and House Intelligence spokesman Adam Schiff, from California Democrats, said the attack reportedly affected personnel in Havana and around it. world “It is of great concern,” added that the latest intelligence authorization law. Give the CIA director more power to provide benefits to those injured through hostile acts.

“We have been working quietly and relentlessly on this important issue since the first report and press Director Burns during the recent global threat trial in both open and closed sessions,” the spokesperson said. And briefing on it, and we will continue to monitor evidence wherever it may lead and make sure there is accountability accountable.

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